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Serious Car Accident Reported in Cedarhurst NY

A serious pedestrian Vs car accident Has been reported in #Cedarhurst.

(Long Island, NY) It’s been reported that a serious car accident involving a pedestrian happened on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 6:43 pm in Cedarhurst, New York.

According to witnesses, a 49 year old  female the pedestrian, while crossing Peninsula Boulevard at the intersection of Oxford was struck by a 2008 Toyota Matrix that was traveling westbound on Peninsula Boulevard driven by 63 year old male.

The female pedestrian suffered traumatic head injuries and was immediately transported to an area hospital for treatment. She is currently listed in serious condition.

The vehicle involved in the accident was impounded from the scene for brake and safety checks. The investigation into this vehicular accident continues.

Injured livery driver awarded $340K by Brooklyn jury

In the motor vehicle accident jury trial of Aureliano Tlatelpa v. Rachel Roth a Brooklyn jury awarded a livery driver 340K.

The livery driver, employed by a car service,  with a Class E license, was at the wheel when his vehicle was impacted by a women driver, making a left turn late night in March 28, 2012. The accident occurred at the intersection of Caton avenue and MacDonald avenue in Brooklyn.

Mr. Tlatelpa, the injured driver, was sent immediately to the ER where he underwent surgery for a meniscus tear related to the accident and suffered disc herniation and disc bulging.

Mr. Tlatelpa had to undergo physical therapy for a year but returned to work in limited capacity after four months, though not as a driver. Mr. Tlatelpa lost the ability to fully support his family and had claimed that he continues to suffer back, neck, head, shoulder and knee pain.

After 45 minutes the jury deliberated finally reaching a verdict finding 100 percent in favor for Mr. Tlatelpa. It awarded damages totaling $340,000 for past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and property damage.

Worker Crushed to Death by Falling Steel

BROOKLYN, NY PROSPECT HEIGHTS — A construction iron worker at the Barclays Center died Tuesday when he was crushed by steel joists that fell from a truck at the arena, according to officials.

Construction Accident

A construction worker is dead — crushed by steel beams at the Barclays Center.

The worker was installing a “green roof” on top of the center.  Witnesses say he was helping to unload the steel joists from a truck to a crane when several pieces fell on top of him.

Emergency medical responders responded to the accident at Fort Greene Place and Atlantic Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, rushing the worker to Brooklyn Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

The worker, a member of Ironworkers Local 361, was a subcontractor with a company hired to erect steel for the green roof project.

The worker’s name has not yet been released.

Authorities are investigating.

“Construction accidents on such a huge project can cause very serious injuries and as seen in this tragic incident,  death.” According to New York personal injury attorney Paul Ajlouny, “This has to be devastating to family and loved one left behind. Condolences to the family and to the victims fellow construction colleagues on site,” said Mr. Ajlouny.

Construction roofing is considered one of the countries most dangerous professions. Construction work is physically grueling, and dangerous.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In 2013, the number of fatal occupational injuries incurred by contractors was 734, or 17 percent of all fatal injuries, compared to 715 (15 percent) reported in 2012. Falls to a lower level accounted for 31 percent of contractor deaths while s truck by object or equipment (18 percent), pedestrian struck by vehicle (11 percent), and exposure to electricity (7 percent)

These four types of incidents each constituted a greater share of contractor fatalities than they did for all workers.

This isn’t the first stadium, arena construction death to make the news recently. Here are accidents that have happened within the past years:

  • August 2011: Stadium scaffolding collapsed killing a worker helping to renovate Bill Snyder Family Stadium on the campus of Kansas State University.

Hit and run crash in the Bronx

Breaking: A man in his 30’s was killed Monday afternoon in a hit-and-run in Marble Hill, the Bronx, New York.

Bronx crash

Man killed in hit-and-run crash in the Bronx.

It happened around 7 p.m. after a man was found in the street at 225th Street in Broadway in Marble Hill.

The neighborhood is borders in Manhattan, but is located in the Bronx.

The No. 1 train tracks run directly over Broadway in the neighborhood.

The victim was rushed to New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center, and pronounced dead, according to police.

The driver fled the scene. The vehicle was described as a Dodge Magnum.

Pedestrian Accidents Throughout NY This Week

A man was struck and killed by a bus in Midwood, Brooklyn this last Friday, one of several pedestrian deaths in the city over the last 24 hours. Making New Yorkers take a second look and question whether the mayor’s plan to reduce pedestrian fatalities is working.

64-year-old Martin Hernandez Tuffino was crossing Avenue M on a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a Freightliner bus turning off Coney Island Avenue mid afternoon Friday.

Mr. Tuffino was stuck under the bus with severe head trauma and died at the scene.

Bus hits and kills pedestrian

Pedestrian Killed By Bus Driver On Coney Island Avenue.

Police reported that two other pedestrians were killed and one was critically injured in separate incidents around the city.

pedestrian accident

Main Street & Maple Avenue pedestrian accident

New York personal injury attorney weighs in on this tragic bus accident., “Just last week, an MTA bus driver was arrested and charged with failure to yield after he struck and seriously injured a 15-year-old girl in Williamsburg. Bus accidents in New York are on a rise.

In this particular accident, just by looking at the pictures, the bus drivers windshield offers very limited visibility. What was the bus driver thinking?” Suggest Mr. Ajlouny.

“Many accidents happen due to unwieldy vehicles and right turns in our city. Further steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians pedestrians crossing the street before vehicles can proceed; possible traffic signals dedicated to pedestrians crossing.” Continues Mr. Ajlouny.

The MTA has 5,700 buses along 310 routes in New York. These numbers do not include private buses.  It’s the largest municipal bus system in the nation.

Well the pressure is on! The city has just passed the “failure to yield”  is intended to crack down on those who encroach on pedestrian crosswalks.  This law  is intended to hold bus operators responsible in an attempt to ensure safety of  both passengers and pedestrians — and has led to multiple arrests.


Queens: Fatal Accident

**Breaking News**  2 Car Fatal Accident Jackie Robinson Pkwy Myrtle Ave and Woodhaven. Victim pinned in traumatic arrest to Jamaica Hospital. Hurst tool used. @NYPDHighway Has All Lanes Closed For Further Investigation.

“U/D Queens: Jackie Robinson Pkwy W/B at Myrtle Ave Serious MVA 1 aided is DOA. All lanes closed for investigating.”

Overturned auto, Jackie Robinson Pkwy W/B at Myrtle Ave Serious MVA 1 DOA.

MTA Bus Hits 15-Year-Old Girl in Brooklyn

An MTA Bus hit a A 15-year-old girl as she was crossing Grand Street and Union Ave in Wliiamsburg, Brooklyn this Friday.

The girl was immediately transported to the hospital with a severe left leg injury according to NYPD.

Police say the teen was trying to cross the street at the time of the accident.

MTA bus accident in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  15 year old girl seriously injured.

It has been reported that the the driver, a 29-year MTA veteran, will be charged with failure to yield. This is similar to the MTA bus driver who fatally struck a 78-year-old in East Flatbush in December of last year.

Bob Simon Killed In West Side Highway Crash

Award winning CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash on the West Side Highway in Manhattan. He was 73.

Bob Simon dies in car crash.

Bob Simon was killed in a car crash In Manhattan on the West Side Highway.

According to the NYPD, Simon was a passenger in a Lincoln Town car livery cab that was traveling south on 12th Avenue when the driver, struck the driver’s side of a 2003 Mercedes Benz, which had been stopped at a red light at 30th Street. Police say, “After the initial collision, the Lincoln Town car careened into metal stanchions separating the north and south bound traffic.”

Bob Simon Crash in Manhattan

Bob Simon died Wednesday in a car accident in New York City. He was 73.

According to the NY Post reports, “Cops had to cut off the top of the Lincoln to free Simon and the driver, who, according to a law enforcement sources, was treated for a possible heart attack by EMTs.” The driver of the Mercedes told the Post, “[The livery cab driver] swerved into me/ He hit me and he looked like he lost control of the car.”

No arrests have been made yet and the NYPD is still investigating.

Teens hurt in Medford car crash

Three teens were hurt, the evening of the 10th, after a crash in Medford, NY., Kaynen Peters, 17, was pulling out of a driveway on North Ocean Avenue when his car was hit by an SUV.

Peters and his 19-year-old passenger Brandi Bass, are listed in critical condition. The third passenger, Desiree Lamberson, 19, is listed in serious condition.


Patchogue, NY- Crash injures 4, possibly 1 fatality on N Ocean Ave near Woodside.

According to Paul Ajlouny, New York car accident lawyer, “there are so many factors to consider in the devastating accident. One being the road conditions, the snow is piled and seeing approaching traffic may have been difficult.

The impact of the hit authorizes will need to investigate how fast the SUV was going. North Ocean Ave is notorious for speed, at least 80 mph even though the speed limit is 45 mph. North Ocean Ave is notorious for being dangerous. Its a highway with houses all along side of it.

However, until an investigation is completed, the accident may or may not have involved speeding. The car was hit on the driver and back door of the car, which is the softest place of the car. There is no protection there. It’s been reported that the other vehicle had minor damage, which prob means speeding might not be a factor.  Our prayers go out to the families of the teens involved in this accident.” states Mr.  Ajlouny.

Kaynen Peters and his two female passengers, Brandi Bass and Desiree Lamberson, both of Patchogue, along with Sanchez the driver of the SUV, were transported via ambulance to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center.

The sister of Brandi Bass posted on Facebook saying, “Brandi is in critical condition with a broken back, broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. My sister was on the way to save a life, after the driver of car, Kaynen Peters, got a text from his girlfriend saying that she was going to kill herself. All three jumped in the car to talk her out of it. They never made it out the driveway.”

Comments Made:

Pete Noel · Top Commenter

Not necessarily. Cars today are designed to come apart in accidents. It’s a safety feature taken from NASCAR designed to lessen the force of impact and transfer less energy to the interior cabin. Also, an SUV wouldn’t have to be going that fast to cause that much damage to a small sedan considering the weight ratios. An SUV will have a lot of kentic energy being transferred into a much smaller and lighter vehicle. That would make the smaller car crumble more than if it had been hit by vehicle of equal size and weight.

TonyandAmy Garcia

Or maybe the kids just didn’t see him…& pulled right out in front of him! JUST HAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME YESTERDAY!! man pulled out if a hiddin driveway did not EVEN LOOK to see who was coming down the 30 mph road…nuts!! Everyone just needs to pay more attention!!! & slow the f*ck down..we all come to same red light…u just get there first…& have to wait longer for it to turn green!!

Hospital Settles $4.9 million For Wrongful Death Brooklyn

The Brooklyn hospital (Maimonides Medical Center) reached a $4.9 million dollar settlement, after initially trying to stop a video capturing the May 2012 crash that killed  motorcyclist Jesus Santiago, from being shown at a wrongful death civil trial.

The video that captured the tragic accident, contradicted the sworn statements of the ambulance driver Danielle Bensimhon and her partner Michael Discala, who claimed the vehicle stopped at least three times before plowing into motorcyclist Jesus Santiago.

Ambulance Speeding Through Intersection Hits Man On Motorcycle In NY

Brooklyn Maimonides Medical Center Ambulance Kills Biker In Intersection

Jesus Santiago was killed in Sunset Park on May 26, 2012,
after he was struck by Maimonides’ ambulance responding to a call.

esus Santiago

Jesus Santiago Motorcyclist Died in a Collision with an Ambulance in May of 2012

Paul Ajlouny New York personal injury attorney weighs in on this settlement, “Justice has been served. Had it not been for the video play by play the hospital coverup and the contradicting statements made by the ambulance drivers this would of been as many motorcycle accident cases where the victim remains the victim.

No amount of money will bring Jesus Santiago back to his wife and children, friends & family members; but at least his family can rest in knowing that the truth is out.” states Mr. Ajlouny.

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