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School Bus Crash In Brooklyn

Three people were injured in a crash involving a school bus and a minivan in Brooklyn.

Two people suffered minor injuries in the crash that occurred at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Avenue P early Wednesday in Flatlands.

A third person in serious condition was taken to the hospital.

Brooklyn Bus Vs. Car Crash

3 Injured in Brooklyn Crash Involving School Bus.

Van Wyck Expressway multi car crash

NEW YORK — A multi-vehicle crash occurred early Monday morning on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens.

The accident happened on the entrance ramp from Atlantic Avenue to the southbound Van Wyck Expressway.

A police car was responding to a two-car accident when it was struck from behind by another vehicle.

The Two officers suffered neck and back injuries.

2 police officers hurt in multi-vehicle crash on Van Wyck Expressway in Queens

Crash on Van Wyck Expressway in Queens injures 3.

The accident caused major delays and traffic stretching all the way to to Jewel Avenue.

Fatality, 4 injured, car jumps curb in the Bronx

Bronx Accident

Bronx: Fatal Accident 1420 Grand Concourse.

Breaking News: MOUNT EDEN neighborhood, Bronx– Fatality and serious injury accident.

A car lost control, jumped a curb, killing one person and injuring several others in the Bronx.

The accident happened at 170 Street and Grand Concourse in the Mount Eden section around 6:45 p.m this evening.

The car lost control, jumped the curb and crashed into a building, 1420 Grand Concourse.

One person has been pronounced dead at the scene and four others are reported injured. Two people are listed in critical condition, one a child.

The driver of the car is in serious condition. All of the injured were taken to Lincoln Hospital.

Witnesses say the people who were hit were waiting on the sidewalk for a bus.

Multi vehicle accident in Harlem injures 11 people

Serious Multiple Injury Accident in Harlem

11 people have been injured in a vehicle accident involving at least 3 cars in Harlem.

The accident happened this Friday evening around 7:30 on W. 125th Street and Lenox Avenue.

Seven people are listed in serious condition and four with minor injuries.

Patients were taken to St Luke’s Hospital and Lincoln Hospital.

Harlem Car Accident

11 injured in multi-vehicle accident in Harlem

Teen pedestrian critical, hit by car in Bronx

A teenager is listed in critical condition after an out-of-control driver smashes into a Bronx storefront this Friday morning.

Bronx 2 car crash

Accident in the Bx that left a teen critically hurt.

The accident happened at Southern Boulevard and Barretto Street in the Longwood section of the Bronx.

NYPD officials say a two-car crash between a U-Haul and a car sent one of the vehicles onto the sidewalk and into the front of a beauty salon.

A second person, possibly one of the drivers, sustained less serious injuries.

The crash is still under investigation.

crash in the Bronx

Teen critically hurt and another man injured in a crash involving a U-Haul truck and a sedan in the Bronx Friday morning.


A driver, 36 year old Efrain Rodriguez, accused of hitting and critically injuring a teenage pedestrian in the Bronx has been charged with with striking 17 Amaru Millin in the Bronx last Friday morning.

The teen suffered swelling to the brain and had to have part of his scalp removed.

Rodriguez, according to NYPD, was speeding, going over 45 miles an hour, and astonishingly fleeing a previous crash when he struck Amaru.

It’s been reported that Rodriguez had taken methadone before the crash,  not to mention16 prior drivers license suspensions.

“He didn’t bother checking on the kid,” an eyewitness said. “The U-Haul guy, tried to flee  the scene. Me and some other guys told him ‘don’t move the car, get the hell out of the car, you aren’t leaving,'”.

“I saw the kid crossing the street. When the kid went to cross the street this U-Haul truck was speeding and it hit the kid and he landed over there,” a woman said.

According to New York car accident lawyer, Paul Ajlouny, “If Rodriguez was driving while under suspension and he was also under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the charges are valid. He  should of had his license suspended permanently.”

Crown Heights Brooklyn Crash Injures 5

Five people were injured in a multiple vehicle car crash in Brooklyn, according to the FDNY. 4 people were reported driving in a white car that drove right into an SUV with one occupant.

The crash happened at Nostrand Avenue and St. John’s Place in Crown Heights just after midnight Monday, according to authorities.

All five victims were taken to Kings County Hospital. Four were in serious but non-life threatening condition and another was in critical condition.

No further information was immediately available.

Crown Point Brooklyn Crash

A car accident in Brooklyn, Crown Heights has landed several people in the hospital.

Update:Raymond Ramos, 18, accused in Nostrand Avenue crash that injured 5 people

Police say the suspect, 18-year-old Raymond Ramos, was driving a white sedan with three passengers when he crashed into an SUV on Nostrand Avenue. All five people, including Ramos, were injured.

SOURCE: Top Stories – Read entire story here.

BQE Road Rage Just Plain Reckless

Two Drivers Arrested For BQE Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway took place early, around 7:15 a.m., Saturday morning. The incident happened on the BQE near Union Street.

It all started when snow and ice fell off the back of a tractor trailer headed west on the BQE, cracking the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz driving behind him.

The Mercedes driver, 35-year-old Artur Kieliszek, sped up and cut off the tractor trailer driver, apparently hoping to confront him. WHO DOES THAT? Just get his plates and report it to the insurance company!

The tractor trailer driver slammed on his brakes, which caused a green cab driving behind him to swerve, and end up wedged between the tractor trailer and a small box truck.

The taxi driver was taken to Lutheran Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Kieliszek has been charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

The box truck driver, 26-year-old Celso Gonzalez, was also taken into custody because he had an open warrant from 2010; he was charged with possession of a controlled substance after cops found crushed Oxycodone on him.

Horrible accident in Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

Horrible accident in Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

According to New York car accident lawyer, Paul Ajlouny, “Road rage, angry drivesr, is something the New York Police Department deals with on a regular basis.

According to AAA, aggressive driving is the leading factor in more than half of the country’s fatal crashes, and has led to more than two hundred murders in a span of seven years. The Mercedes driver pulled a very stupid move. Cutting off a tractor trailer. He could’ve killed several people.” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

Here’s a bit of advice if you feel you are about to be the victim of road rage. ” Our teen drivers, for instance, being new drivers, will try to be cautious, Says, Mr. Ajlouny,

“they will at some point encounter aggressive impatient behavior from other drivers while behind the wheel.  Talk to your teen not retaliate. Never underestimate what the other driver might do.  Anyone that notices someone driving aggressively, try to get the  description of the vehicle, a license plate number, and a description of the driver. Let the authorities handle it from there. Be safe.”

Car slams in church in Baldwin, NY


A car slammed into at the Second Baptist Church on Grand Avenue in Baldwin, Long Island early Sunday morning around 4 a.m.

Car Crashes Into Church

Car slams through wall of church in Baldwin, Long Island.

A 2008 Infiniti G35 color blue was traveling southbound on Grand Avenue, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree, a fence and ended up striking the church.

The car was speeding and went airborne before the crash, police said.

The car had to be extricated from the building. Three people were in the car and had fled the scene. One was apprehended by the police.

No one was inside the church at the time.

Woman critically injured, struck, pinned between taxis in NYC

A 42-year-old women was critically injured Monday morning when she was struck and pinned between two taxis on a Midtown Manhattan street, according to authorities.

Rosemarie Mifsud Critically Injured

Woman gets pinned between taxis in NYC

Rosemarie Mifsud, the victim was putting her luggage in the trunk of a cab outside 750 Seventh Ave. about 6 a.m. when another taxi hit her from behind, wedging her between the two vehicles, cops said.

Rosemarie Mifsud was in New York to attend the wake of a friend, he said.

Mifsud, was taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

Leslaw Zielinski, 61, the cab driver who was about to take her to the airport remained on the scene as did Mohamed Gendia, who was driving the cab that struck her, officials said.

Gendia just finished his first year as a licensed cabbie and has a clean record, a spokesman with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission said.

A witness who saw the crash noticed the first taxi’s passenger was near the trunk then saw another cab smash right into the back; crushing her.

He heard the women her scream. Then he witnessed the cab back-up and the women fall to the ground. Her legs were crushed. There was heavy bleeding.

The sister of Rosemarie Mifsud, said her sister suffered compound leg fractures. Police suggest the cause of the crash, may have been the result of icy road conditions.

taxi accident

A woman was critically injured when she was struck & pinned between two taxis on a Midtown Manhattan st.

“wrecks like this sadly may have been the result of icy road conditions, New York car accident lawyer, Paul Ajlouny said ” — “However cabbies in poor weather conditions still have a responsibility to use caution and not drive too fast and carelessly.  Irresponsible cab drivers can as seen here seriously injure innocent bystanders or even take someone’s life.”

New York No Fault

Under Article 51 of the New York Law Insurance Laws, one is protected in the State of New York under “No Fault.” The purpose of this law is to make sure that insurance companies pay for medical expenses, lost earnings, and incidental costs that stem from a car crash regardless of who was at fault in the crash.

Another purpose behind this law is to help the injured person without a long litigation debating over who was at fault to the crash. In New York you are protected under No-Fault coverage, because New York is one of the 12 states that have this protection.

Please note that No-fault is a different claim than one of bodily injury. You also have the right to sue for injury but that claim would be called a bodily injury claim. Bodily injury, if your were injured, is a separate claim that will be filed against the person who is responsible for causing the crash, resulting in your injury.

No fault claims and bodily injury claim each have separate adjusters, come from separate departments, have different standards of proof, compensation and coverage. One of the only things that are the same is both will be paid out by the same insurance company.

No fault in New York, is in place to make sure that one’s insurance company, regardless of who is at fault, will pay for economic losses, up to $50,000. The expenses are usually related to medical bills, and physical therapy that stems from your injury. It can also include lost wages.

No Fault Insurance

What is No-Fault coverage and what am I entitled to under it?

How do you know if you will get No-Fault? In order to get No-Fault, in NY, the following must be met:

  • The accident must have occurred in NY.
  • The person who is injured must be the driver or the passenger of the insured vehicle. If you are a cyclist or a pedestrian you must have been struck by or came in contact with a motor vehicle which caused your injuries. If you were hit by a motorcycle you will not be covered.
  • Vehicle, must be registered in New York and the vehicle must have an insurance police sold by NY or issued by a company licensed to do business in NY.

Please keep in mind, you only have 30 days from the date of the accident to fill out a no fault application. There are forms that need to be filled out in order to start a No-fault claim. So, please contact us if you believe that we can help you with a no fault claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident in New York, and have questions regarding No Fault insurance, contact New York personal injury lawyer Paul Ajlouny.


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