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2016 Cyclists pedestrian deaths NYC

NEW YORK CITY statistics recorded more than 160 cyclists and pedestrians killed in crashes during the third year of the mayor’s Vision Zero initiative meant to deter such deaths. Cyclists and pedestrian deaths rose in 2016 compared to previous 2014-2015.

In 2016 NYPD arrested 39 drivers striking cyclists and pedestrians under Vision Zero’s right of way law, Administrative Code 19-190, the city said all thanks to the progress of the Vision Zero initiative.

“Despite our record success in saving lives these past three years, we know that Vision Zero is just starting,” de Blasio said.

“Pedestrian hit and runs happen throughout New York too frequently even with the Vision Zero initiative in place, downtown Brooklyn and midtown Manhattan are the most dangerous areas for pedestrians.”, according to New York personal injury lawyer, Paul Ajlouny.

Pedestrian Struck Statistics:

  • Eighteen people died in New York City traffic in February, and 3,770 were injured, according to Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero View crash data map
  • 26 pedestrians and cyclists killed by city motorists this year, and 2,277 injured.
  • Across the city, 1,008 pedestrians and 183 cyclists were reported hurt in collisions with motor vehicles.

Remembering The Victims:

  • Gwendolyn Booker was struck by a school bus driver on a sidewalk in Brooklyn.
  • Dorothy Heimann and Maria Minchala were hit by turning drivers at intersections in Brooklyn and Manhattan, respectively.
  • Alexa Smith, 16, was killed on a street in Queens with a 40 miles per hour speed limit by a dollar van driver who left the scene.
  • Jose Contreras, Besik Shengelia, and an unnamed male pedestrian were killed on the same night by hit-and-run drivers in the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.


Vision Zero Year 3 Report by DNAinfoNewYork on Scribd

Car jumps curb Midtown, pedestrian suffers serious injury

A woman while standing on a curb is suddenly struck by a car that jumped the curb, pinning the women against a light pole  in Midtown, Manhattan, NY. almost ripping her leg off, according to eyewitnesses.

Manhattan Crash

Car jumps curb on E 49 St & 2nd Ave in Midtown.

The accident happened along Second Avenue near East 49th Street around 4:30 p.m. Monday when a Mercedes traveling south on Second was cut off by another car and went up onto the sidewalk, injuring the women. witnesses said.

Witnesses describe the ghastly scene as this poor the women, conscious and alert, lay pinned by the vehicle, with her lower leg ripped open. There was a medical clinic across the street with doctors rushing to the women’s aid until EMT arrived. The women was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition.

The accident is still under under investigation.

Jumping Curb Accidents In Manhattan

  • Jun 2: Manhattan: West 68 & Columbus. U/D; 1 in custody after car jumps curb in front of restaurant.
  • May 12: Midtown: 1 Hurt After Taxi Driver Jumps Curb, Slams Into Bus Stop Shelter
  • Dec 11: 7 people injured after a car jumps curb in Manhattan’s Herald Square.
  • Oct 24: Manhattan: Car jumps curb at newly-installed pedestrian island on West End Ave
  • Oct 6: Manhattan: Two pedestrians transported in serious condition as taxi jumps curb on E. 59th St.
  • 23 Mar 2014: A woman was hurt when a taxi jumped a curb in Midtown Sunday afternoon.
  • 20 Aug 2013: Scene at 49th & 6th in midtown Manhattan after cab jumps curb; reports woman hit.

 Attorney Advice:
When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle that has jumped the curb, the pedestrian, can end up with serious debilitating injuries, or sadly killed.

In such a confusing, shocking time, as crazy as everything going around you is, seeking legal representation from a New York personal injury lawyer, would allow you peace knowing your best interests are protected.

Paul Ajlouny, of Ajlouny Injury Law, can help victims seriously injured or surviving family members obtain compensation for medical bills and other expenses, including funeral costs.




Friday July 03-4, 2015

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations and parking meter regulations are suspended on Friday, 3 and Saturday, July 4, 2015 for observance of Independence Day.

TIPS: Make sure to comply with the rest parking regulations and parking meter regulations.
Cops think they are not suspended!!!

Friday July 03-4, 2015

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) & parking meter regulations are suspended on Friday, 3 and Saturday, July 4, 2015 for observance of Independence Day.


THE MACY’S 4TH OF JULY ANNUAL FIREWORKS CELEBRATION means likely congestion and interruption the normal flow of traffic in the area in Manhattan.

Manhattan Locations:

  • FDR Drive between Brooklyn Battery Underpass and East 63rd Street
  • South Street between Whitehall Street and Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place
  • FDR Driver Service Roads between Cherry Street and 63rd Street
  • Water Street between Whitehall Street and Fulton Street
  • Pearl Street between Fulton Street and Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place
  • Whitehall Street between Water Street and South Street
  • Broad Street between Water Street and South Street
  • Old Slip between Water Street and South Street
  • Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place between Pearl Street and South Street
  • Cherry Street between Jackson Street and FDR Drive
  • Delancey Street between Lewis Street and FDR Drive
  • East Houston Street between Baruch Place and FDR Drive
  • East 6th Street between Avenue D and FDR Drive
  • East 10th Street between Avenue D and FDR Drive
  • Avenue C between East 16th Street and East 20th Street
  • East 20th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue C
  • East 23rd Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue C
  • East 26th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue C
  • East 30th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue C
  • East 33rd Street between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue
  • East 34th Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 37th Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 38th Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 41st Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 42nd Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 48th Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 49th Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive
  • East 53rd Street between 1st Avenue and FDR Drive

Brooklyn Locations:

  • Area bounded by Atlantic Avenue on the South; Old Fulton Street on the North;
  • Hicks Street on the East; East River on the West (All Inclusive)
  • Old Fulton Street between Hicks Street and Prospect Street
  • Cadman Plaza West between Prospect Street and Tillary Street
  • Front Street between Old Fulton Street and Jay Street
  • Water Street between Old Fulton Street and Jay Street

Queens Locations:

  • Area bounded by 44th Drive on the North; Borden Avenue on the South;
  • Vernon Boulevard on the East; East River on the West (All Inclusive)
  • Center Boulevard between Borden Avenue and 54th Avenue
  • 2nd Street between Borden Avenue and Newtown Creek / Dead End
  • Vernon Boulevard between 54th Avenue and Newtown Creek / Dead End
  • 54th Avenue between Center Boulevard and Vernon Boulevard

For the full list of streets activities go to: The Latest NYC Weekend Traffic Advisory
Additional street closures, as well as changes in timing or duration, can occur if deemed necessary by the Police Department.

This information is subject to change without further notice.

This traffic information comes from many different sources

Main source of this information is The New York City Department of Transportation

Free Legal Advice New York Car Accident Lawyer Personal Injury Attorney

Air Conditioning Unit falls from Crane 30 stories NYC injuring 12

An Air Conditioning unit has plummeted 30 stories injuring several people. It has been reported, Sunday in Midtown, around 10:45 AM, an air conditioning unit being hoisted by a crane fell in Midtown Manhattan, when the cable snapped, injuring 10 people.

Crane Accident Midtown

261 Madison Ave Crane fell off a 30 floors building 12 injures. .

The air conditioning unit broke off the side of the 30-story building on Madison Avenue between East 38th and East 39th Street before landing below.

Crane Accident

Multiple people injured today when crane fell 30 stories in NYC.

Two construction workers and eight pedestrians suffered minor injuries from falling debris, officials said.

New York personal Injury attorney, Paul Ajlouny, weighs in on this crane accident, “The approval process is extremely intense in NYC.There’s permits and rigging plans, everything is scrutinized down to the wire. DOT has to sign off on everything since the crane is on city streets. This accident could of been far worse otherwise. Luckily the injuries appear to be minor. ” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

Mr. Ajlouny continues to say, “The accident, upon investigation, is the responsibility of the general contractor on the site, and DOT for not taking the appropriate safety measures.

As soon as the investigation is complete, negligence will obviously be holding those accountable for making sure all were safe.

Woman falls 5 stories to her death window in Upper Manhattan

In a tragic story on Thursday night, a 67-year-old women, Francisca Fernandez, visiting her family from the Dominican Republic, plunged to her death after falling down stairs and then breaking through the fifth-story window of an Inwood building to her death, according to authorities.

According to New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Paul Ajlouny, Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood is located in the Upper East Side.  It’s basically suburbia, very hip. “low to the ground buildings, often times only five or six stories, hardly ever a doormen, and rapidly growing in popularity.” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

However, this is not the first time in New York City someone has fallen to their death through a window.

  • Tuesday, March 3, 2015, A window washer who was leaning out a fifth-floor apartment without a harness plunged to his death on Jay St. near Greenwich St. in Tribeca in front of shocked onlookers.
  • Thursday, Aug 1, 2013, a Manhattan ad executive who went out to smoke on the balcony of her 17th-floor apartment while on a first date plunged to her death early Thursday morning when she sat on the railing and it gave way.
  • Eric Clapton’s son, Conor, died at the age of four years old after falling from a window in del Santo’s 53rd floor, New York City apartment.  The window was a full wall window that had been removed by a janitor to let fresh air in while he worked.  Conor was playing hide and seek with a nanny and running from her when he ran into the room with the open window and straight out of it.

There will always be an unfortunate number of falls from windows as seen in these previous incidents that ended tragically.

In such cases it is the responsibility of the property management companies and owners to understand the risk of injury and death to occupants, children and visitors alike.  They have an obligation  to the people that live in these building to ensure safety.

Some FREE ADVICE: Landlords and Property Managers should always consider preventing such accident by provide window guards or window stops so that no one not will fall out of windows.

Window Fall Injuries

A woman fell down a flight of stairs and sending her flying out a window in an apartment house stairwell. She then fell five floors to her death in Upper Manhattan.

Tour Bus Fatality Manhattan

A female tourist was struck by a tour bus in Manhattan Wednesday, according to authorities.

The bus was parked on Amsterdam Avenue facing northbound between West 112th Street and West 113th Street, and when it moved forward, hitting the 68 year old woman, who was trying to cross Amsterdam Avenue.

Morningside Heights Tour Bus Accident

Woman Killed After Being Struck by Tour Bus in Manhattan

The woman, Wanda Canestri, who is Italian but from Spain, was reportedly pinned under the bus and pronounced dead at the scene.

No one was on the bus at the time of the accident other than the driver.

The tour bus company, identified as United Coach Line based on Staten Island, said it was still investigating the tour bus accident.

Worker falls 24 stories down elevator shaft

BREAKING NEWS MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — A worker falls to his death 24 stories down an elevator shaft into the cellar of a construction site for a 29-story luxury hotel building, according to officials.

Elavator collapse

Worker dies after falling 24 floors in elevator shaft.

The elevator collapse around 12:40 p.m. at 301 W. 46th St., near Eighth Avenue at the site of the future Riu Hotel. The worker who remain unidentified dead at Bellevue Hospital at 1:26 p.m., according to NYPD.

worker falls to death

Construction worker falls to his death down elevator shaft.

There had been previous safety citations when another worker fell from the fifth to the second floor during demolition of the building in July 2013, according to Department of Buildings records.

Elevator Fatal Accident

Construction Worker Hurt in Fall in NYC Elevator Shaft.

The Spanish-owned hotel is designed by Berg and Flynn Architecture and is being being built by the Rinaldi Group.

“The Rinaldi Group is incredibly saddened by this horrible accident and our prayers are with the family,” officials at the company said.

The building’s owner, Pinapple Developments, did not immediately responded to requests for comment.

The accident is still under investigation.

Construction Accidents New York

Jan 9, 2015, a repairmen was crushed to death by an elevator car in Manhattan. The man was in an elevator shaft at 75 West End Ave. on the Upper West Side when an empty elevator moved down three floors, pinning him underneath it.

April 8, 2015 at 12:18 Emergency crews responded to a construction accident in Midtown that left four workers injured. Officials say they were removing a chandelier inside 331 Madison Avenue when a railing gave way.

April 2015 a worker was killed—when he fell six stories from a building in Brighton Beach.

April 7, 2015 – Four injured after wall collapse in Midtown Manhattan. The four men were doing demolition on the first floor mezzanine inside the Madison Ave. office building near E. 43rd St. when a masonry wall began falling towards them. The workers fell off the mezzanine onto the floor one story below.

August 6, 2014 – Two construction workers were injured when an elevator malfunctioned — coming off its track and falling several feet — at a West Village apartment building.

“Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured or killed at New York construction job sites.” says Paul Ajlouny, New York personal injury lawyer. This is yet another casualty for the records of hazardous workplace.  Especially since reports indicate that safety inspectors found floor openings without the required railings and cited the owner for unsafe work conditions.” Says, Mr. Ajlouny.



Midtown Crane Accident

Breaking: dead in Midtown crane accident, FDNY. Construction worker killed in freak crane accident at Midtown construction site accoriding to officials.

NYC Crane Accident

One Dead in Crane Accident at New York City Construction Site

A mini-crane killed a construction safety coordinator Friday as horrified hardhats helplessly watched the freak accident on a Manhattan street.

The man died at the scene of the accident on E. 44th St. near Second Ave.

2 Missing 25 Injured East Village Explosion

Two people are missing in the aftermath of the devastating explosion on Thursday at a building in Manhattan, according to NYPD.

25 people have been reported injured in the explosion in New York’s East Village police sources said. 4 people have been reported in serious life threatening condition.

East Village Explosion

At Least 2 People Missing After East Village Explosion

Nicholas Figueroa, who was at a sushi restaurant during the time of the explosion, is still accounted for, according to the New York police sources.

Nicholas according to family members  failed to show up for work at Bowlmor Lanes in Chelsea on Thursday evening.

Another man, an employee at the sushi shop, has also been reported missing as well, according to family.

Manhattan Explosion

More than 250 firefighters responded to what became a seven-alarm fire.

The explosion devastated East Village around  at 3:17 p.m. Thursday, shockingly just an hour after Consolidated Edison inspectors were at the Second Avenue building to look at a newly installed gas meter, utility President Craig Ivey said.

The specific root cause of the explosion according to  Mayor Bill de Blasio said the explosion appeared to be “gas-related.”

Manhattan Explosion

An explosion rocked the East Village on Thursday afternoon. The blast occurred at Second Avenue and East Seventh Street.

The fiery explosion rocked the East Village, scattering debris, prompting street closures and hurting some who suffered burns in their airways.

Two buildings collapsed, and at least two neighboring buildings were damaged, officials said.

Red Cross officials said 83 adults and an infant displaced by the explosion and fire had been moved to a nearby school.

Manhattan Gas Explosion

An explosion that may have been caused by renovations in an East Village building set off a large fire and led to the collapse of three buildings on Second Avenue.

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