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Missing stop sign cause of Queens crash

A missing stop sign has from a Queens intersection for months, minded after numerous complaints — is cause of a crash that injured three people, including an infant.

missing stop sign cause of crash injures 3

A stop sign missing from a Queens intersection led to a crash that injured three people, including an infant.

An Uber car was T-boned by another vehicle when the livery car went through an intersection where the sign should have been at 225th Street and 120th Avenue in Cambria Heights at 1:10 p.m.

The driver and his 2 passengers were hospitalized with minor injuries. Neighbors claim to have previously complained to 311 and community board meetings about the missing sign, to no avail.

The city DOT said that they replaced the sign later Thursday night, and, after a search of its records, found no recent reports of a missing sign at the intersection.

Damaged or Missing Traffic Signs

DOT prioritizes repairs to signs which have a direct impact on safety. These include Stop signs, One Way signs, Do Not Enter signs, Yield signs and certain school signs. Report a traffic sign that is missing, illegible, or vandalized

New York Car Accident Lawyer Paul Ajlouny explains the legalities of missing or obscured traffic signs. “Missing stop sign can be blown down by wind, falling tree’s, hit by other motorists, removed by pranksters, or by highway construction. The question being.. Is the the driver at fault for this type of car accident?

It really depends on existing record of neighborhood complaints of a missing traffic sign. Whether a sign is missing or not safety precautions are required at intersections as a rule of thumb. There are many factors to consider and a personal injury lawyer would be able to look at the incident and investigate who’s at fault.” says Mr. Ajlouny.





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