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Bronx: Coca Cola Truck Hits Scaffolding Kills 1 injures 6

Bronx: Bruckner blvd, & 138 st, Coca Cola Truck Hit Scaffolding and Pedestrian, 1 female pedestrian DOA, 6 other injured.

Coka Cola Truck Kills pedestrian injures 6 others.

Bronx: Coca Cola Truck Hits Scaffolding Kills Pedestrian Injures 6 Others

One women in her 30s was killed and six others injured after a crash involving a Coca Cola truck in the Bronx.

The fatal crash happened at about 3:20 p.m. on East 138th Street near Bruckner Boulevard in the Port Morris section of the borough.

The six people injured were being assessed by EMS workers, but were reported to have minor injuries.

Witnesses reported people coming out of work when they were struck by the Coca Cola truck. It was reported that the driver of the truck  had tried to avoid another vehicle when it lost control and slammed into a building.

The woman struck was underneath the truck after it stopped.

This is still a developing story.

Paul Ajlouny, New York personal injury lawyer weighs in on this tragic accident. “Truck drivers are know to work long hours and are on a strict schedule to complete their delivery in a timely manner. This results in in taking shortcuts often leading to negligence. Take into account maneuvering through New York City Streets.

Under New York law, a trucking company can be held liable for the negligence of its drivers. In this case a pedestrian was killed. Odds are Coca Cola will be held liable.” Say’s Paul Ajlouny.

“The truck jumped the curb,  couldn’t stop, hitting a women and injuring six other people. There will be certain factors that will be taken into account when determining fault; speed being an important factor.

The most important question: Could the Coca Cola driver have stopped in time — before hitting the pedestrians?” suggests Paul Ajlouny.

Truck Accident Statistics

Statistics show that the death toll in truck-involved crashes rose 17 percent from 2009 to 2013. Fatalities in truck-involved crashes have risen four years in a row, reaching 3,964 in 2013, the latest data available. Those crashes are killing not only car drivers but also, during 2013 alone, 586 people who were truck drivers or passengers.

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