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Air Conditioning Unit falls from Crane 30 stories NYC injuring 12

An Air Conditioning unit has plummeted 30 stories injuring several people. It has been reported, Sunday in Midtown, around 10:45 AM, an air conditioning unit being hoisted by a crane fell in Midtown Manhattan, when the cable snapped, injuring 10 people.

Crane Accident Midtown

261 Madison Ave Crane fell off a 30 floors building 12 injures. .

The air conditioning unit broke off the side of the 30-story building on Madison Avenue between East 38th and East 39th Street before landing below.

Crane Accident

Multiple people injured today when crane fell 30 stories in NYC.

Two construction workers and eight pedestrians suffered minor injuries from falling debris, officials said.

New York personal Injury attorney, Paul Ajlouny, weighs in on this crane accident, “The approval process is extremely intense in NYC.There’s permits and rigging plans, everything is scrutinized down to the wire. DOT has to sign off on everything since the crane is on city streets. This accident could of been far worse otherwise. Luckily the injuries appear to be minor. ” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

Mr. Ajlouny continues to say, “The accident, upon investigation, is the responsibility of the general contractor on the site, and DOT for not taking the appropriate safety measures.

As soon as the investigation is complete, negligence will obviously be holding those accountable for making sure all were safe.

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