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Pedestrian accidents in NYC 4k annually

Over 4,000 pedestrians in New York City are seriously injured or killed in vehicle accident.

More than 60% of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in New York were struck in the five boroughs, (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan) according to a new report claims.

According to New York personal Injury Attorney, Paul Ajlouny, “Pedestrian accidents are almost always the fault of the driver failing to yield, speeding, or running a traffic signals.

Distracted driving (cell phone usage, texting while driving or just not paying attention), is probably one of the biggest reasons for motor vehicle accidents in New York.” Says, Mr. Ajlouny.

Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic crashes cause 4,000 serious injuries in NYC every year.

Studies show that in New York City, 453 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents from 2011-2013 — 60% of the state’s total.

Most dangerous NYC roads

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