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BQE Road Rage Just Plain Reckless

Two Drivers Arrested For BQE Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway took place early, around 7:15 a.m., Saturday morning. The incident happened on the BQE near Union Street.

It all started when snow and ice fell off the back of a tractor trailer headed west on the BQE, cracking the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz driving behind him.

The Mercedes driver, 35-year-old Artur Kieliszek, sped up and cut off the tractor trailer driver, apparently hoping to confront him. WHO DOES THAT? Just get his plates and report it to the insurance company!

The tractor trailer driver slammed on his brakes, which caused a green cab driving behind him to swerve, and end up wedged between the tractor trailer and a small box truck.

The taxi driver was taken to Lutheran Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Kieliszek has been charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

The box truck driver, 26-year-old Celso Gonzalez, was also taken into custody because he had an open warrant from 2010; he was charged with possession of a controlled substance after cops found crushed Oxycodone on him.

Horrible accident in Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

Horrible accident in Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

According to New York car accident lawyer, Paul Ajlouny, “Road rage, angry drivesr, is something the New York Police Department deals with on a regular basis.

According to AAA, aggressive driving is the leading factor in more than half of the country’s fatal crashes, and has led to more than two hundred murders in a span of seven years. The Mercedes driver pulled a very stupid move. Cutting off a tractor trailer. He could’ve killed several people.” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

Here’s a bit of advice if you feel you are about to be the victim of road rage. ” Our teen drivers, for instance, being new drivers, will try to be cautious, Says, Mr. Ajlouny,

“they will at some point encounter aggressive impatient behavior from other drivers while behind the wheel.  Talk to your teen not retaliate. Never underestimate what the other driver might do.  Anyone that notices someone driving aggressively, try to get the  description of the vehicle, a license plate number, and a description of the driver. Let the authorities handle it from there. Be safe.”

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One thought on “BQE Road Rage Just Plain Reckless

  1. That not happend that way.
    After ice fall on Mercedes ,driver pass tractor trailer and slow him down in distance about 1 mi to complete stop. That was 6.25 am . They was waiting for a Police to arrive . No one show up until 7.25 am when taxi changed traveling line just in front of box truck .

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