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Injured livery driver awarded $340K by Brooklyn jury

In the motor vehicle accident jury trial of Aureliano Tlatelpa v. Rachel Roth a Brooklyn jury awarded a livery driver 340K.

The livery driver, employed by a car service,  with a Class E license, was at the wheel when his vehicle was impacted by a women driver, making a left turn late night in March 28, 2012. The accident occurred at the intersection of Caton avenue and MacDonald avenue in Brooklyn.

Mr. Tlatelpa, the injured driver, was sent immediately to the ER where he underwent surgery for a meniscus tear related to the accident and suffered disc herniation and disc bulging.

Mr. Tlatelpa had to undergo physical therapy for a year but returned to work in limited capacity after four months, though not as a driver. Mr. Tlatelpa lost the ability to fully support his family and had claimed that he continues to suffer back, neck, head, shoulder and knee pain.

After 45 minutes the jury deliberated finally reaching a verdict finding 100 percent in favor for Mr. Tlatelpa. It awarded damages totaling $340,000 for past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and property damage.

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