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Worker Crushed to Death by Falling Steel

BROOKLYN, NY PROSPECT HEIGHTS — A construction iron worker at the Barclays Center died Tuesday when he was crushed by steel joists that fell from a truck at the arena, according to officials.

Construction Accident

A construction worker is dead — crushed by steel beams at the Barclays Center.

The worker was installing a “green roof” on top of the center.  Witnesses say he was helping to unload the steel joists from a truck to a crane when several pieces fell on top of him.

Emergency medical responders responded to the accident at Fort Greene Place and Atlantic Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, rushing the worker to Brooklyn Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

The worker, a member of Ironworkers Local 361, was a subcontractor with a company hired to erect steel for the green roof project.

The worker’s name has not yet been released.

Authorities are investigating.

“Construction accidents on such a huge project can cause very serious injuries and as seen in this tragic incident,  death.” According to New York personal injury attorney Paul Ajlouny, “This has to be devastating to family and loved one left behind. Condolences to the family and to the victims fellow construction colleagues on site,” said Mr. Ajlouny.

Construction roofing is considered one of the countries most dangerous professions. Construction work is physically grueling, and dangerous.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In 2013, the number of fatal occupational injuries incurred by contractors was 734, or 17 percent of all fatal injuries, compared to 715 (15 percent) reported in 2012. Falls to a lower level accounted for 31 percent of contractor deaths while s truck by object or equipment (18 percent), pedestrian struck by vehicle (11 percent), and exposure to electricity (7 percent)

These four types of incidents each constituted a greater share of contractor fatalities than they did for all workers.

This isn’t the first stadium, arena construction death to make the news recently. Here are accidents that have happened within the past years:

  • August 2011: Stadium scaffolding collapsed killing a worker helping to renovate Bill Snyder Family Stadium on the campus of Kansas State University.

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