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Pedestrian Accidents Throughout NY This Week

A man was struck and killed by a bus in Midwood, Brooklyn this last Friday, one of several pedestrian deaths in the city over the last 24 hours. Making New Yorkers take a second look and question whether the mayor’s plan to reduce pedestrian fatalities is working.

64-year-old Martin Hernandez Tuffino was crossing Avenue M on a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a Freightliner bus turning off Coney Island Avenue mid afternoon Friday.

Mr. Tuffino was stuck under the bus with severe head trauma and died at the scene.

Bus hits and kills pedestrian

Pedestrian Killed By Bus Driver On Coney Island Avenue.

Police reported that two other pedestrians were killed and one was critically injured in separate incidents around the city.

pedestrian accident

Main Street & Maple Avenue pedestrian accident

New York personal injury attorney weighs in on this tragic bus accident., “Just last week, an MTA bus driver was arrested and charged with failure to yield after he struck and seriously injured a 15-year-old girl in Williamsburg. Bus accidents in New York are on a rise.

In this particular accident, just by looking at the pictures, the bus drivers windshield offers very limited visibility. What was the bus driver thinking?” Suggest Mr. Ajlouny.

“Many accidents happen due to unwieldy vehicles and right turns in our city. Further steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians pedestrians crossing the street before vehicles can proceed; possible traffic signals dedicated to pedestrians crossing.” Continues Mr. Ajlouny.

The MTA has 5,700 buses along 310 routes in New York. These numbers do not include private buses.  It’s the largest municipal bus system in the nation.

Well the pressure is on! The city has just passed the “failure to yield”  is intended to crack down on those who encroach on pedestrian crosswalks.  This law  is intended to hold bus operators responsible in an attempt to ensure safety of  both passengers and pedestrians — and has led to multiple arrests.


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