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Hospital Settles $4.9 million For Wrongful Death Brooklyn

The Brooklyn hospital (Maimonides Medical Center) reached a $4.9 million dollar settlement, after initially trying to stop a video capturing the May 2012 crash that killed  motorcyclist Jesus Santiago, from being shown at a wrongful death civil trial.

The video that captured the tragic accident, contradicted the sworn statements of the ambulance driver Danielle Bensimhon and her partner Michael Discala, who claimed the vehicle stopped at least three times before plowing into motorcyclist Jesus Santiago.

Ambulance Speeding Through Intersection Hits Man On Motorcycle In NY

Brooklyn Maimonides Medical Center Ambulance Kills Biker In Intersection

Jesus Santiago was killed in Sunset Park on May 26, 2012,
after he was struck by Maimonides’ ambulance responding to a call.

esus Santiago

Jesus Santiago Motorcyclist Died in a Collision with an Ambulance in May of 2012

Paul Ajlouny New York personal injury attorney weighs in on this settlement, “Justice has been served. Had it not been for the video play by play the hospital coverup and the contradicting statements made by the ambulance drivers this would of been as many motorcycle accident cases where the victim remains the victim.

No amount of money will bring Jesus Santiago back to his wife and children, friends & family members; but at least his family can rest in knowing that the truth is out.” states Mr. Ajlouny.

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