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East Coast Ice-Related Crashes, Pileups

Icy roads are causing major mufti-car accidents through out New York. Several other car accidents are being reported in Brooklyn,The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island as weather conditions have caused severe icing on many streets and walkways.

This last week an accident at Clove and Richmond occurred early morning., according to an FDNY spokesman said. About two hours later, several cars were still scattered up and down Clove Rd., with drivers standing in the rain near their wrecks. A portion of Clove Rd. remained closed to traffic as  worked to remove the vehicles. The accidents were blamed on icy roads for the pile-up.

According to the NYFD, the roads should have been salted throughout the borough, cars were slip, sliding all over the place — reeking havoc and one big mess and frustrating drivers!

“What do we pay our taxes for?” asked one of the drivers involved in the multiple car pileup. The city Sanitation Department said around 9 a.m. that salt spreaders are out across New York.

accidents were caused by icy road conditions

Car Crashes due to icy road conditions happening throughout the NYC metropolitan.

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