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Car bursts into flames on Ocean Parkway

Ocean Parkway Fiery Car Crash

A car collision December 29th caused one of the vehicles to veer off the road, slam into a traffic signal and burst into flames on Ocean Parkway leaving to victims in critical condition.

NYFD pulled the victims from the burning wreckage and transported them to Staten Island University Hospital, where they’re reported in stable condition.

Car Collision Ocean Parkway

Two cars collided into each other at the intersection of Ocean Parkway & Quentin Rd.

The car accident happened at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Quentin Road around 7pm in the evening.

One of the vehicles crashed into a traffic light – knocking it down – and then burst into flames.

Car accident attorney Paul Ajlouny weighs in on this accident. “Ocean Parkway has been named one Of 20 Worst Intersections in Brooklyn, New York causing serious injury and fatalities to both pedestrians and motorists.

The borough’s second and third most dangerous roadways are Eastern Parkway and Kings Highway.

Ocean Parkway is like a circus act gone wrong. It’s not surprising that such accidents happen. Drivers more than ever, lack responsibility. There is also very little enforcement which combined is a recipe for such tragic accidents!” says Mr. Ajlouny.

Mr. Ajlouny continues, “If you are involved in a New York car accident, it’s important to hire an attorney that understands the borough’s notoriously dangerous roads.

Expressways like Ocean Parkway, often have tailgating, reckless driving (speeding & improper lane changes), including road rage.

Drivers become impatient in traffic jams, road construction, and detours all of which contribute to traffic accidents. Running red lights is extremely dangerous to drivers and other, motorists. Our firm, everyday, receives calls from accident victims involved in rear end collisions, and accidents from distracted or speeding drivers.” Concludes Mr. Ajlouny.

Were you injured in a car accident while driving in the NYC? Hire qualified attorneys at Ajlouny Injury Law to pursue just financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

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