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Out of State Driver Injured In New York Crash

Our New York law firm receives regular calls from out-of-state drivers who have been involved in a car accident while in traveling through or visiting New York, asking questions about how New York laws apply to out-of-state drivers.

If a car accident occurs in New York, for No-Fault insurance to apply the vehicle has to have No-Fault coverage.

The 12 states that currently have no-fault insurance laws are:

  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah

New York is is heavily traveled year-round by millions of cars and trucks from out-of state due to its huge tourist attraction and businesses.

Out-of-state drivers most of the time hold insurance from own home state which is often times different New York.

It is important that out-of-state drivers understand that they can file a claim against any driver and their insurance company in any state.

Remember that most insurance companies global. and do provide coverage, dependent on the state the driver lives in, their coverage is valid in any state.

Ask A New York Lawyer  About New York Laws.

What Happens If I Get Into A Car Accident Out of State? Ask A New York Lawyer.


Out-of-State Car Accident? What’s next?

The state where your insurance policy is purchased will almost always determine your rights.

A Liberalization Clause May Apply – If an insurer revises its auto insurance policy to provide broader coverage than afforded under its old policies, the broader coverage applies automatically to all of its existing policies then in force in the state without additional premiums.

If you are stuck by another vehicle in a different state, you find yourself playing by a different set of rules of an out-of-state car insurance with a different set of laws.

Paul Ajlouny, New York car accident lawyer suggests, “It’s best to talk to an attorney of the state you were injured in, in order to find out what your next step will be and how that’s state’s laws apply to you.” Says Mr. Ajlouny.

Important steps to take if you are involved in an out-of-state car accident.

If you have been seriously injured in a car crash while traveling on vacation, commuting from state to state for work, visiting family,  you need to take some very important steps to protect your rights.

  1. Call the police.Especially if the accident was not your fault — you’ll need that documentation for your case.
  2. Seek immediate medical care. The doctors visit will be very important to your case.
  3. Hire an auto accident attorney in the state that you were injured in.

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