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Multi-Vehicle Accident On BQE

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was backed up in both directions during the Wednesday evening rush, after a multi-vehicle accident that left a car flipped on its roof.

The crash happened during evening rush hour near the Queens Boulevard exit on the northbound side of the expressway in Queens. Cause of the accident and injuries sustained are yet to be reported.

BQE multi-vehicle crash

BQE Multi-Vehicle Accident. December 17th, 2014

Anyone that has been injured in this accident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway should seek the advice of a New York car accident attorney.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in August of this year had a 5 car multi-vehicle crash. In June a fatal crash and in October a gas truck that crashed into a BQE guard rail, which snarled rush hour traffic.

Paul Ajlouny New York car accident attorney advises, “The odds of getting into an accident during rush hour, or when driving under hazardous weather conditions are pretty high; especially on New York State expressways.” States Mr. Ajlouny.

Tips for motorists during rush hour.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rush hour falls between 6 thru 10am.and 4pm thru 6pm.

  • Avoid changing lanes in a need to get where your going faster.
  • Don’t fall victim to road rage — Be courteous of other drivers..
  • Double-check blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Use a turn signal ahead in a timely manner.
  • Keep a safe distance in preparedness for unexpected stop and go.

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