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Brooklyn, Queens Highest Traffic Crashes 2014

200 People Killed in Traffic Crashes in NYC 2014

So early numbers are out showing Brooklyn and Queens, as having the highest traffic crashes, half of which are pedestrians.

190 people had been killed in traffic crashes in New York City in 2014, in comparison to 203 last year 2013.

However, the death toll has risen for cyclists, with more than twice as many killed this year than last.

One NYC cyclist shares his experience, “I was recently hit by a hit-and-run driver while riding my bicycle without a helmet. I’m lucky to be alive. I suffered a minor back fracture, road rash and a slight bump to the head as I crashed into a parked car. lesson learned.. always wear a helmet.The driver in  a white SUV took never to be found.” describes the cyclist.

The cyclist continues, “As an avid cyclist in New York City, I believe that pedestrians in New York — not native New Yorkers, act like they are taking a Sunday stroll with no regards to their safety or regards to their surroundings.  I believe that they are definitely the biggest hazard for car drivers as well as bicyclists.”

10 victims have been profiled below.  Take a moment to learn who they were.

Remembering The Victims:

NYPD data on motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian and cyclist deaths, and pedestrian and cyclist injuries in NYC 2013.

NYPD data on motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian and cyclist deaths, and pedestrian and cyclist injuries in NYC 2013.

New York personal injury attorney, Paul Ajlouny weighs in, ” The pedestrians/cyclists fatal crashes are still, in my opinion, the responsibility of the driver. Driving is a privilege, not a right. As a licensed driver, you must demonstrate the ability to drive safely and yield to pedestrians and to abide by traffic laws.” say’s Mr.Ajlouny.

Brooklyn, which has the most cyclists in New York City, according to a 2011 bike commuting census reports that nearly 19,000 riders hit the streets every day. NYC’s bike commuting population swelled from about 36,000 to about 46,000 in 2013, pushing its bike-commute rate from 1 percent to 1.2 percent.

In Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, walking and cycling is not uncommon as a means of transportation, whether trying to catch a bus, or get to a subway, or train station. The hustle and bustle of these cities include joggers and cyclists, skateboarders, elderly disabled people sometimes in wheelchairs, and even tourists.

The streets of New York are busy wand as seen in the high death tolls especially in Queens and Brooklyn, all pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists are at risk of being seriously injured in a traffic crash, if caution is not taken.

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