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Medical Attention After A Car Accident

Think twice before refusing medical attention!

If you are in a car accident and you feel OK, not injured, don’t let you body and mind fool you.  You may be in shock after the accident.  You should go to the emergency room or see your family physician ASAP.

Recently there was a horrific wrong-way car accident on FDR Drive in New york where five people were injured and rushed to Bellevue Hospital and one person refused medical attention at the scene.  The individual that refused medical treatment is probably feeling the impact days later.

“There are medical and legal reasons for getting immediate medical care after a car accident.”,  says New York car accident attorney, Paul Ajlouny.

medical attention after accident

Refusing medical attention at the scene may be a mistake.        Ask A Lawyer: 1-800-535-5029

Your think Whee, I’m OK! Are you?

Car accidents can physically and mentally impact an accident victim. If you feeling pain after a car accident, you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible. Not seeking medical attention after a car accident can also impact your personal injury claim. Remember, New York is a No-Fault state, which means your own insurance will pay all of your medical bills, up to at least $50,000. This is called “personal injury protection” (PIP).

Ask A Lawyer:

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