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Argument Leads To Fatal Vehicular Accident

Two people were killed in an accident early Sunday morning in Elmont, Long Island.

Deadly car accident in Elmont 4:15 Sunday Morning, left a mangled mess.

Deadly car accident in Elmont 4:15 Sunday Morning, left a mangled mess.

Elmont, NY.  A fatal vehicular accident occurred in Elmont, New York  involving a male driver and a female passenger in a green 1995 Dodge Caravan in the vicinity of 99 Main Street, Hempstead reported arguing.

A police officer investigating the disturbance got was out of his car at which time the driver backed up and twice struck the marked Radio Motor Patrol Car. The driver then fled east on Center Street.

Shortly after, the Dodge was reported traveling at a high rate of speed west on Hempstead Turnpike when they struck a 2002 Ford driven by a 22 year old male traveling north on Meacham Avenue attempting to turn left onto Hempstead Turnpike. The Dodge then was redirected and struck a nearby utility pole.

The driver of the Dodge, Eduardo Sosa Zapata, 23 of Westbury and passenger Jackeline Reyes, 22, of Bellmore were both pronounced deceased at the scene by a Nassau County Medical Technician. The other driver refused medical attention at the scene.

New York car accident lawyer, Paul Ajlouny, weighs in on the dangers of passenger distraction, “Talking on a cell phone while driving is a dangerous given.  Passengers also can cause distractions and crash accidents, as seen in the Elmont, New York crash.” Mr. Ajlouny goes on to say, “Any passenger in the car may have an effect on the driver, in this case a heated argument.”

Studies show that drivers with passengers were almost 60 percent more likely to have a motor vehicle crash resulting in ether a fatality or serious injury requiring hospitalization.

Mr. Ajlouny weighs in on the other driver struck in this fatal accident., “The interesting point to make in this case is that the 22 year old driver struck in this accident refused medical treatment.  Any money he will be feeling the effects of that accident physically in the days to come. It is not advisable to walk away from such a devastating accident without seeking immediate medical attention.  Your adrenaline may have kicked in and YES you may be injured!

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