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Long Island women killed waiting for tow truck

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF BAY SHORE, N.Y. Jessica Ortiz a 21 year old college student thought she was playing it safe by waiting for a tow truck in her car, but where she parked ended up making the difference between life and death.

Sadly, Ortiz’s life was cut short when she was killed in a tragic accident in Bay Shore, Long Island Wednesday afternoon while sitting in her parked car waiting, she thought safely, for a tow truck.

She was pulled over on the shoulder of the Sunrise Highway for a flat tire.

“As the tow truck operator began to assist her, the second vehicle swerved out of the lane of traffic onto the shoulder, hitting Ms. Ortiz’s vehicle and forcing that vehicle into the tow truck,” said Suffolk County police Detective Lt. Edward Reilly.

The 51-year-old man driving the Chevrolet Caprice that slammed into Ortiz’s vehicle was critically injured, but survived.

Ortiz was parked on the shoulder right before the mouth of an on-ramp. She had three busy lanes of the Sunrise Highway on her left, and the on-ramp and two service road lanes on her right.

She chose to stay in her car to wait for help to arrive.

Woman Was Waiting In Car For Tow Truck When She Was Struck, Killed On L.I.

New York Personal Injury Attorney, Paul Ajlouny,  suggests “even though every situation is different, the safest place to be is off the road.  In this devastating tragedy there was no predicting the fatal result.” Mr. Ajlouny goes on to explain, ” Each year, people are killed on the shoulder of interstates.   Approximately 12% of all interstate highway deaths are pedestrians in the roadway or on the shoulder.” continues Mr. Ajlouny.

“The safest thing, in my opinion, is to get out of your vehicle, and stay about  60 feet to the rear of the vehicle — off the shoulder guard rail — so that oncoming traffic can see you. According to reports, Ms. Ortiz was, literally stuck in the middle of lanes of traffic, she did the right thing staying in her car,  unfortunately no one could of ever imagined the tragedy that would take place due to driver distraction.” Mr. Ajlouny said.

Condolences go out to Ms. Ortiz’s family and friends.

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One thought on “Long Island women killed waiting for tow truck

  1. Accidents like this are always tragic to read. She thought she was doing the right thing but because of someone else s negligence she lost her life. I hope the family is pressing changes so that man learns his lesson.

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