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Pedestrian Hit In Bushwick Brooklyn

Breaking News: A man is dead after being struck by an MTA bus in the middle of an intersection at Myrtle and Wyckoff avenues in Bushwick, on the border of Queens. It happened at around 5:15 a.m.

A transit worker on the scene says the bus involved was a Q58 that was making a right turn onto Palmetto Street when it hit the pedestrian.

Authorities say the MTA bus driver may have not known he had even hit a anyone and continued down Palmetto Street for a short distance.

When he found out that the bus hit someone, he stopped.

The pedestrian was taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center with severe trauma. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Pedestrian struck, killed by MTA bus on Queens border in Bushwick

Q58 MTA bus hits man in Brooklyn, killing him, police say. Same Intersection, Ella Bandes was killed by bus driver last year. Vision Zero.

Man killed by MTA driver: Same INT Ella Bandes was killed by bus driver last year #VisionZero. The question is, how safe is the Myrtle-Wyckoff intersection in Ridgewood, Queens.

New York Personal injury attorney, Paul Ajlouny, questions Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative 25 slow zones. “will lowering the speed limit and re-engineering dangerous intersections put a stop to driver / pedestrian distraction.” Say’s Mr. Ajlouny.

“Putting a little faith in Mayor de Blasio’s plan to improve traffic safety at Myrtle-Wyckoff, in hopes of slowing traffic down, amy give pedestrians more security when crossing the street.” explains Mr. Ajlouny.  Time will tell.

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