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How Long Will It Take to Settle My Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Settlement May Take Time!

Personal injury cases are not always a slam dunk. These types of cases require work before reaching a settlement.

Consider your case a tennis match. that your attorney is playing with an insurance adjuster to settle you case.  Your attorney serves the the ball and has to wait for the opposing site to hit the ball back. It will be a definite power struggle that of course has guideline and procedures in place that must be met.

Some cases, depending on the severity of the injuries, can drag on for years.  According to Paul Ajlouny, New York personal injury attorney, “Clients call daily, wanting to know the status of their case.” say’s Mr. Ajlouny, “It’s so important to stress to them that this is a chess game and trying to push to settle quickly can cause an injury victim to accept less money than they deserve.

Mr. Ajlouny goes on to stress., “All a client should be concerned with is going through treatment and getting better. This is made possible by utilizing New york medical no fault which allows injured parties to obtain medical benefits to treat their injuries.”

Sure you can pressure your attorney to settle your personal injury case quickly, just be prepared to accept less money. The insurance companies are counting on you giving up your stand for a quick settlement.

Your case depending on your injuries may take months even years.

Injured in an accident? Got Questions? Call NYC Personal Injury Lawyer Paul Ajlouny at 800-535-5029 for answers.

Here is a $4 Million Settlement Single Car Rollover That Took Years To Settle. Read more

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