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I was rear ended but did not see doctor right away

Attorney Personal Injury Question: Did Not See Doctor Immediately After Accident.

I was rear-ended in a car accident yesterday and did not feel any pain right away, but after a couple of days later  felt like a truck hit me.  I am in pain and I plan to seek medical attention. The Insurance agent of the at fault driver who hot me from behind if I had an attorney? Should I hire an attorney?

Seel Immediate medical Attention.  Call A Lawyer

Rear ended? Looking For Top New York Accident Lawyers?


Attorney Personal Injury Answer: Did Not See Doctor Immediately After An Accident.

Hiring an attorney will allow you to sit back, relax, and recover, knowing your in good hand.  It’s a time for you to recover from your injuries. So, YES. you need an attorney. The attorney should be the only one dealing with the opposing insurance company.  Your attorney will be in contact with your employer to make sure they understand what is going on and why you’ll missing work. 

As  for your injuries, It sounds like your coming off the adrenaline high after the accident. This is common with accident victims.  Some go days, even weeks before they start feeling the pain that follows an accident.

You need to immediately be treated by a physician or any medical treatment provider that specializes in car accident injuries.

Keep in mind the fact that you live in New York State your are covered under No-fault and you have at your disposal up to $50,000 for medical treatment — no mater who’s at fault for the accident.

Most personal injury attorneys will do this without your having to come out of pocket at all. That way, you can worry about seeking treatment and getting better.

Get a personal injury attorney ASAP.

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