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Bus driver making a turn, in red, strikes cyclist

A young women lies brain dead in a New York hospital, a life cut short due to an act of negligence.  After an investigation it has been determined the driver of the bus caused the crash by failing to yield to the cyclist.

The accident that occurred on October 8, seriously injured Anna Maria Moström, 29, who was riding her bike northbound on Roosevelt Island’s Main Street.

A 51-year-old man driving a Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation “red bus” going south turned left across her path to enter a turnaround beneath the Motorgate parking garage.

The drivers-side bumper struck the young women and she fell off her bike, according to police.

She was unresponsive when EMS arrived, and was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center.

It’s heart breaking reading her tweet posted 16 Jun 2011.

“Sometimes I just want to go back to Sweden and settle down. Have babies, a house etc. But No. What If. Do If first then settle.”

Swedish Model Anna Maria Mostrom Brain Dead Following Bike Accident.

Swedish Model Anna Maria Mostrom Brain Dead Following Bike Accident.

Even though Moström has undergone surgeries doctors do no think that she will regain consciousness.

The crash, has left her family devastated with the heart-breaking realization that the must consider end-of life preparations.

The bus driver according to NYPD was at fault for not yielding to the cyclist. Although there is a new failure to yield law (Section 19-190), to penalize drivers in exactly this type of crash, no charges have been filed against the driver as of yet.

New York car accident lawyer Paul Ajlouny reacts to this awful, and avoidable accident. “It’s obvious that there needs to be some changes in driver safety when it comes to driving SUV like vehicles, buses, and trucks on New York City streets.” Says Mr. Ajlouny,

“In reviewing recent pedestrian and cyclist accidents, history has shown fatalities due to larger SUV vehicles, commercial truck and city buses. The claim that “I didn’t even see her / him” is like a broken record. The failure to yield law is a start of course.  However, even with the law in place, as seen in this devastating bicycle accident, more needs to be done.”  Suggests Mr. Ajlouny.

NYPD: 16,059 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 178 Killed in Traffic in 2013

Citywide, at least 17 pedestrians were fatally struck by drivers in December: two pedestrians in Manhattan; three pedestrians in the Bronx; five pedestrians in Brooklyn; six pedestrians in Queens; and one pedestrian in Staten Island. Among the victims were Gloria Mabry, Yunior Rodriguez, Siu Anthony Lee, Noshat Nahian, Marion Kurshuk, Enrique Clemente-Ovando, Vito Colella, Nicole Detweiler, and an unnamed male pedestrian in Brooklyn.

The numbers are staggering.  What will 2014 bring us New York.

The numbers are staggering. What will 2014 bring us New York?

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