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After A Crash, See A Doctor

Opting out of seeing a doctor, going to the hospital following a car accident is a big mistake. If you are injured, the medical paper trail provided by the hospital, or physician, will be important in you personal injury claim.

Proof will make you injury claim solid otherwise you will not be able to seek compensation from the responsible negligent drivers insurance company.

How else will you show that your injuries were caused in the car accident? By not taking that ambulance ride, or seeing a doctor after your car accident, you risk being compensated  for your injuries. Don’t go it alone contact a reputable personal injury lawyer immediately after leaving the hospital.

Paul Ajlouny, a New York car accident lawyer, takes calls daily from car accident victims who did not go to the hospital after the accident. “Accident victims face regret for not seeing a physician immediately after an accident. Within a week, even two, the developed nagging back and neck pain.” according to Mr. Ajlouny.

“Don’t give insurance companies ammunition against you.  Say nothing, sign nothing, give no recorded statements.”

After An Accident Seek Immediate Medical Attention

What Happens If You’re Injured In A Car Accident And You Don’t See A Doctor?

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