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Ambulance Chasers – unethical help you don’t need.

Not all personal injury attorneys are just trying to trick or take advantage of poor unsuspecting injured accident victims. You’ll be able to tell the difference.  If your in a traffic accident on the scene and suddenly a very helpful concerned individual offers you an attorneys business card.

Heads-up! — you’ve probably got an ambulance chaser / runner who picked up on a police scanner that an accident had just happened with it’s exact location.

The Insurance companies are just as unscrupulous as the ambulance chasers. The will try everything in their power to downplay an accident victims injuries or just hey refuse to pay. If someone is injured in an accident they need an honest personal injury attorney to fight on their behalf.

If you injured, YES,it would be in your best interest to get legal representation. But if their popping out at the accident scene or by your hospital bed, you’ve just met a real life lecherous, disgusting human being that want to profit off your pain and suffering.

Injured in A Car Accident? Beware Unscrupulous Ambulance Chasers

Beware of that stranger that shows by your hospital bed with an attorney referral. “runners” After a wreck, your phone or doorbell might ring right away.

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