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Fingers crossed, SAFE, happy 4th of July in NYC

NYPD is planning to tighten-up over the July 4th holiday, on drunk driving and other traffic safety violations.

“The objective is to effectively enforce order and maintain quality of life in New York and keep July 4th a safer, enjoyable holiday for all New Yorkers.

NYPD is planning to establish additional traffic checkpoints over this year’s July 4th holiday weekend, where trained officers will identify and arrest motorists who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, head-up New York , cops will also be on the lookout for motorists who fail to use their seat belts and those who insist of talking or texting while driving, the sources said.

Parents safety first! Young children need too be buckled-up in appropriate car seats before hitting the road this July 4th weekend.

Lets all use common sense when planning July 4th celebrations, and have a safe, happy, healthy holiday!”

Remember: Sober Driving NYC

Fourth of July fireworks NYPD enforcement

Paul Ajlouny, NYC Car Accident Attorney suggests, “When people think of a deadly holidays, they generally associate it with July 4 — three days of partying, and possibly irresponsible driving.” Paul weighs in, “Drunk driving claims thousands of lives every year.”

The National Safety Council estimates 173 traffic deaths will happen over the holiday period which extends from 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 3, to 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, July 4. Nonfatal medically consulted injuries, i.e. injuries serious enough that a medical professional was consulted, are estimated at 17,300.

NHTSA statistics show that more people are killed in drunk driving crashes on the weekends and at night. lets make the celebrating of our independence a safe one New York. keep you kids safe, stay sober if driving and live to see another day!

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