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Police pursuit turns deadly in Brooklyn, NY

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK — An East Flatbush 22 year old man man fleeing NYPD was decapitated when he slammed into the back of a tractor trailer on a Brooklyn-Queens Expressway exit ramp Wednesday afternoon,

This horrific accident sounds like something of off “1000 ways to die”. Car chases never end well. Never ever run from the police, or speed. The young man probably had a warrant for his arrest.  The question is would you rather got to jail or be decapitated?

Would you rather go to prison or get decapitated?
Would you rather go to prison or get decapitated?

Would you rather go to prison or get decapitated?


The young man just had his black 2003 Infinity sedan pulled over by the NYPD when he sped away and headed for the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) across northern Brooklyn and Queens, Atlantic Avenue off-ramp at a high rate of speed. A tractor trailer was parked at a red light at the end of the ramp, according to witnesses.

The vehicle’s flatbed severed the drivers head from his body, immediately killing him.

A cyclist on the way to work at the time of the crash described the horror of the accident. “When he exited here he was driving 70 to 80 miles per hour, and the trailer was waiting for the light,” describe the man on the bike.

“When I went to see what happened to the driver, he had no head. His head was in the back seat. It was horrible, it was an instant death. A split second. That’s how fast it happened. The impact was so hard, just a boom.”

The NYPD denied that there was a police chase, saying that a foot patrolman had stopped the driver before the crash for a traffic violation in the area of Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue. The driver took off instead of complying with the officer, police said.

The cyclist who was riding his bike to work at a nearby grocery store, said that a 22-year-old passenger in the car jumped out of the car drenched in blood screaming.

Witnesses described how the driver [of the flatbed trailer] came out too. He was in shock. He got out of the trailer. He was sitting on the ground.

“It was an instant death,” said the cyclist, the driver’s head was severed from his body. The impact was so hard, just a BAM!.”

The female passenger was taken to Bellevue Hospital with back and neck pain and is listed in stable condition.

Police chase ends tragically

According to a witness, NYPD  was chasing him;  flashing and the sirens were on.

Paul Ajlouny, New York car Accident Lawyer weighed in on this incident, “This horrific accident serves as a tragic reminder this isn’t the movies, and car chases as exciting as they may be, don’t end with the driver walking away, real lives are shattered.” Statistics show that about 40 percent of police pursuits end in fatal crashes, almost always involving innocent bystanders.

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