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Hempstead Town sanitation worker killed

A young man working for the city wont be coming home. The accident occurred at the intersection of Prospect and Chestnut avenues about 9:25 a.m., as one of the garbage trucks attempted to maneuver around a third, uninvolved vehicle — only to strike the second town sanitation truck. The fatally injured worker was on the back of one of the trucks that was hit, and suffered “crushing injuries.

This is of course in my opinion a negligent act of the driver trying to maneuver around another vehicle.  What is the rush? Now a young man is dead.

Hopefully this is an eye opener, and a time where all driver will look at this horrific accident and remember to slowing down. Why one truck would pass another knowing that there are workers only feet dangling from the hopper, is beyond comprehension.

I realize that they want to complete the job in timely manner, but at what cost? Sanitation workers are known to rush, hopping off the back, backing up quickly, fast on there horns, just way too much in a rush.

I’m pretty sure that when the men are done with their routes that they’re done for the day. Perhaps a little more emphasis on safety and not speed.

This horrific sanitation truck accident is a wake-up call to all drivers.  Unfortunately a young man had to die. RIP to the worker who lost his life. This is a reminder to all drivers, every time your driving next to one of these trucks on a main road — note they are in a rush, and very impatient. They get paid for 8 hours and are always done in half the time especially the recycling trucks.

Use caution and be patient.

Sanitation workers risk their lives everyday on-the-job.

Our thoughts and condolences to the family.

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Fatality rate per 100,000 workers:

Sanitation workers have to navigate busy streets using heavy machinery, making this job a lot more dangerous.

$7.2 Million Verdict for Family of Sanitation Worker Killed in Workplace Mishap

In 2007, a 22-year-old sanitation worker, along with his co-worker, were removing trash on 37th Street in the Long Island City section of Queens. The two workers were standing behind the garbage truck and next to a large steel waste container, when the truck driver, activated the truck’s power take-off unit, which transferred power from the truck’s engine to the trash compactor.

When power shifted, the truck lurched back, pinning the one worker against the waste container. The injured sanitation worker suffered a massive crush injury to his torso, including a ruptured diaphragm, fractured sternum, lacerations of his liver and spleen and multiple rib fractures. Paramedics arrived at the scene 12 minutes later and attempted resuscitative efforts, but the worker Morales was pronounced dead at the scene. He left behind a 2- year-old son.  READ MORE


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