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Tracking All The Traffic Fatalities In NYC


A 5-year-old boy was killed by a minivan driver who backed into him in Crown Heights earlier this week, making him the 45th person to be killed in traffic crashes in NYC so far in 2014. 27 pedestrians have been killed already this year. WNYC has now set up an interactive graphic, which you can see below, to keep track of all those deaths.

Of the 100 people to die this year in NYC traffic, about half are pedestrians. Five are bicyclists.

Of the 100 people to die this year in NYC traffic, half pedestrians. Five are bicyclists.

One man recounted that a friend called him to say she had been hit by a car. The car that hit her had tinted windows. It appears that all cars have tinted windows.Tinted windows has been reported as causing a reduction in visibility especially during the day. Pedestrians for instance do not know if there is someone in your car when there are tinted windows.Strange thing is that, tinted windows on cars are illegal in NY State and manufacturers get around the law by designating the car as an SUV or something else.

The March 18th issue of the NEW YORK TIMES reported 270 traffic deaths. 270 is an outrageous number! Now under DeBlasio, WNYC headlines 100 deaths at almost halfway mark of this mayor’s term…or 20/month. Prorated that would be 120 for on e half year….240 for a full year. While any traffic fatality is one too many, it is also good reporting to make some reasonable big picture comparisons. Lets just say one fatality is one too many!

One woman reported that her mother died one week after being hit by a left-turning car while she was crossing the street in the crosswalk. She didn’t die immediately, though. She was transported to Kings County Hospital and sent home to recover, but her injuries were too severe – and had gone unnoticed by the hospital.

One week after the accident, I brought her back to the same emergency room that had treated her the week before. She died in the hallway waiting to be seen. But her death was not reported to the NYS and was not connected to the motor vehicle accident of the week before.This unfortunate / possibly unavoidable death would probably of not been reported under such stats as a traffic fatalities.

How many more wrongful deaths have resulted from traffic crashes!


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