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Do I Need An Injury Lawyer?


I was rear ended in an accident.  I injured my neck and back. I have not been to work due to my injuries. Do I need an attorney?

The insurance agencies say they are doing an investigation. The guy hit me going about 50 mph on the hwy. there wasn’t much damage to my vehicle, but I am in severe pain. Not to mention not working.


Yes, you need an attorney to represent you. The most important thing to remember is *NEVER* give the insurance company of the person who hit you, a release to get your medical records. Never give a release, no matter what they tell you. Do not participate in any recorded statements. Talk to no one — and if anyone calls you say these words… “speak to my attorney” and hang-up.

You can cooperate with your own insurance company. If you have NO FAULT coverage you will need to sign a release for your own insurance company. You may also participate in a recorded statement with your own insurance company.

Most importantly if you are injured you must seek the appropriate medical attention. The best thing to do is call a New York personal injury attorney directly for advice.  We are available to answer your questions 24 hours day or night.  Call now to speak to a New York injury attorney:  718-233-3913.

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