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How To Calculate Personal Injury Compensation

Personal Injury

I thought I would take a moment in helping people understand how personal injury compensation is determined in an accident/injury claim. Each day we wake up and go about our routines.

We go to school or work with no huge expectations.  Never once do we consider we may be injured due to a car accident, slip and fall, explosion dog bite, or any other type of personal injury.

However accident do happen unexpectedly.

Personal Injury

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*New York Accidents*

Personal injury accidents in New York for instance as seen in the last week have been fatal and devastating.

  • A young women is hit crossing the street in and is thrown so hard that she is hit by yet another cab.  Who would ever even imagine such a tragic .
  • 4 students go down a dead end street just to have their car overturned submerging them in water, and killing them.
  • A 12-year-old boy is killed after being hit by a car while retrieving a ball. A man is buried under thousands of pounds of steel in a work related accident. All this in just a weeks time.

*The Formula To Calculate Personal Injury*

*Initial calculation*

Sum of medical bills x time away from work
+ Lost income
= Damages

Any person injured in an accident not their fault, is usually covered by the other persons liability insurance company.

Factors to consider when calculating compensation:

  •     medical expenses and long or short term care
  •     lost income / time away from work
  •     pain and suffering
  •     permanent disability or disfigurement
  •     losses due to support of family
  •     social losses
  •     time away from school
  •     emotional distress

*Time To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney New York*

You shouldn’t have to try to calculate personal injury compensation.  The right New York personal injury attorney understands the law in NYS and what is ans is not allowable. Serious injuries are calculated differently and require negotiations between your attorney and the paying insurance company.

Because there’s so much to lose in serious injury cases, it’s in your best interest to consult with an attorney before deciding to represent yourself.


Catastrophic injury claims, i.e,  malpractice, state or local gov. cases require a skilled attorney. There is no room for error.  Errors in a personal injury case can cause a judge to dismiss your case causing you to lose compensation dollars.

You need an advocate on your side that will increase your chances of receiving the personal injury settlement you deserve.

Take no chances, ask for help call  1-800-535-5029 to speak to a New York personal injury lawyer today!

*what is my case worth*
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