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Paralysis From Car Accident

Car accidents often times serious head and back injury. Such injuries have led to paralysis taking both a physical and monetary toll on the accident victim and family members.

Victims of serious car accidents should  consult an experienced injury attorney for a case review.

A car accident lawyer will determine how much compensation under the law ids allowable for damages. Debilitating paralysis can alter a persons life. The pain and suffering, recovery time will all be taken into account to find out how much an injury case is worth.

Types of Paralysis:

The most serious type of paralysis is spinal cord injury. Paralysis is a loss of control of a muscle, the inability to move. Paralysis from an accident can either be temporary or permanent.

Temporary paralysis is swelling or pressure on the nervous system resulting from some sort of spinal cord injury.

An accident victim with paralysis is unable  to move any part of their body. Temporary paralysis is just that temporary, the nervous system functionality eventually returns.

Permanent paralysis however is not curable. Treating spinal cord injury, victims of permanent paralysis face lifelong disability.

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