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New York Car Accident Stats

DMV NY 2011 Crash Stats

Vehicles 543,080
Drivers Involved 505,648
Vehicle Occupants 708,256
Note: 2011 statewide VMT rates are comparable to 2010 VMT rates, but
Special Crash Series
Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Crashes 15,928
Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Crashes 6,076
Motorcycle Crashes 5,336
Persons Killed (1) 1,153
Drivers Killed 597
Passengers Killed 203
Pedestrians Killed 296
Bicyclists Killed 57
Other 0
Non-Fatal Injuries
Persons Injured (1) 177,445
Drivers Injured 106,335
Passengers Injured 48,677
Pedestrians Injured 15,689
Bicyclists Injured 5,883
Other 861
(1) Includes pedestrians, bicyclists and all other non-vehicle involved persons
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