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Questionable Insurance Tactics Beware

Hire an NYC accident Lawyer Paul Ajlouny

“talk To My Lawyer” the only thing you have to say to an insurance company!

Car accident are very serious. Just about every one of us will experience a car accident at some point in our lives.

Low impact accidents can leave us with serious injuries that can go undetected for weeks after the accident.

Whiplash for instance, is neck pain caused by injury or accident.

Often times a car accident victim will be shaken emotionally but may not feel anything physically for days. No matter what when someone is injured in a car accident they should see a injury doctor right away.

Insurance Company Questionable Tactics

Anyone that has been hurt in a auto accident would never think that an insurance company will try to manipulate them into admitting guilt so they don’t have to pay! If that doesn’t work, they will try deny the claim in hopes that the victim will just walk away in defeat.

Then there’s the low ball tactic. The insurance companies are fully aware of the shaken state of the victim. They will attempt to coerce the victims early enough they will be able to manipulate them in a time that they are disoriented and shaken.

Sign nothing, agree to nothing until you have an attorney!

This is why an injury attorney is so important to hire.  They will act as a shield for such repulsive tactics.

Insurance companies just do not want to pay. They will go to great lengths, unless you beat them to the punch by hiring a qualified car accident lawyer to protect your rights.

I love that term, “Talk to My Lawyer“.

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