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New York Most Dangerous Roads

36. The Southern State Parkway – New York, United States

36 The%2BSouthern%2BState%2BParkway 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

The Southern State Parkway has been labelled by the State Department of Transportation as the most dangerous state road on Long Island. To compare with other state roads in New York, half of the 10 worst-rated spots was found on The Southern State Parkway the Southern State Parkway.

37.Route 110- New York, United States

37 route 110 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

The Route 110 just north of the Southern State and south of Main Street in Farmingdale has been described as one of the most dangerous spots in Long Island’s state routes. The road saw 68 accidents with two fatalities and many injuries over the last two years.

38. Route 12 – New York, United States

38 Route%2B112 40 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Route 112 just north of the Long Island Expressway in Medford has also been in the list of the most dangerous roads. The list is supported by 41 accidents with one accident victim.

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One thought on “New York Most Dangerous Roads

  1. I heard of an accident recently where one vehicle crashed into the 7-Eleven at the corner of Route 112 and Morris Avenue at noon. Its amazing how Route 112 is constantly cited in dangerous car crashes. Makes anyone driving that route freak out!

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