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Understanding No-Fault In New York

While many employers in New York provide health insurance benefits for their employees, there are many that don’t.  Given the cost of these benefits a great many New Yorkers find themselves without coverage when they get sick or suffer personal injuries in a car accident.  However, New York personal injury law does provide some relief, at least for people who are injured in car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, etc.


Under New York’s “no fault” law, car insurance companies are required to provide certain basic coverage to people who are injured in accidents involving the vehicles those companies insure.  All car insurance policies written in New York must provide medical and lost wage coverage for occupants of the insured vehicle, as well as pedestrians who are injured as a result of accidents involving that vehicle.  The law is called “no fault” because it doesn’t matter who is at fault for causing the accident.  If you suffer personal injuries while you are a driver or passenger in a car, the company that insures that car has to provide these benefits even if the other driver was at fault.


The insurance company that issued the policy is referred to as the “no fault carrier” and is the primary insurer when someone suffers personal injuries as the result of a car accident.  Every insurance company is required to provide at least fifty thousand dollars in medical benefits for each person injured in an accident and up to fifty thousand dollars for lost wages up to eighty percent of the injured person’s monthly income or two thousand dollars, whichever is less.


As long as the car accident victim submits a claim to the insurance company within the appropriate time limit, usually thirty days, he or she is entitled to these benefits, at least at the outset.  No fault insurance companies are allowed to review the medical bills submitted by doctors and hospitals that treat people injured in car accidents and in some cases, deny payment.  They are also allowed to require the injured person to submit to an examination by a doctor chosen by the insurance company to make sure the injuries are real, and the medical treatment is necessary.


Since car insurance companies would rather keep their money than pay it out to car accident victims who suffer personal injuries, it is important that you hire the right personal injury attorney in New York if you are injured in a car, bus or truck accident.  An experienced New York personal injury law firm will know how to submit the necessary paperwork to make sure that if you’re injured in a car accident, bus accident or truck accident, you get the benefits to which you’re entitled.  The right lawyer will help you get the right treatment you need while making sure you get to keep as much as possible from your car accident settlement.

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One thought on “Understanding No-Fault In New York

  1. No-Fault Law ensures that insurance companies pay for medical expenses, lost earnings and incidental costs, from a serious injury from a car accident, regardless of who was to blame.

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