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After A Car Accident. What Now!

car accident

Your actions immediately following a car accident can effect your personal injury claim.

After a car accident, there are steps to take that will protect your rights. Seriously injured in a traffic accident? Consider contacting an experienced car accident attorney.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident.

  • Stop, Do Not leave The Scene
  • Call The Police – No Matter What!
  • Injured? Get Medical At The Accident Scene Take Notes
  • Take Pictures Of  The Damage Done to Both vehicles / Any Injuries
  • Contact Your Insurance Company To Inform Them Of  The Accident
  • Say Nothing, Sign Nothing.
  • If A Hospital Releases You And You Still Feel Pain, See A Doctor ASAP.
  • Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer That Handles Car Accidents Cases

Getting Advice Regarding Your Car Accident.

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer

I was rear ended but did not see doctor right away

Attorney Personal Injury Question: Did Not See Doctor Immediately After Accident.

I was rear-ended in a car accident yesterday and did not feel any pain right away, but after a couple of days later  felt like a truck hit me.  I am in pain and I plan to seek medical attention. The Insurance agent of the at fault driver who hot me from behind if I had an attorney? Should I hire an attorney?

Seel Immediate medical Attention.  Call A Lawyer

Rear ended? Looking For Top New York Accident Lawyers?


Attorney Personal Injury Answer: Did Not See Doctor Immediately After An Accident.

Hiring an attorney will allow you to sit back, relax, and recover, knowing your in good hand.  It’s a time for you to recover from your injuries. So, YES. you need an attorney. The attorney should be the only one dealing with the opposing insurance company.  Your attorney will be in contact with your employer to make sure they understand what is going on and why you’ll missing work. 

As  for your injuries, It sounds like your coming off the adrenaline high after the accident. This is common with accident victims.  Some go days, even weeks before they start feeling the pain that follows an accident.

You need to immediately be treated by a physician or any medical treatment provider that specializes in car accident injuries.

Keep in mind the fact that you live in New York State your are covered under No-fault and you have at your disposal up to $50,000 for medical treatment — no mater who’s at fault for the accident.

Most personal injury attorneys will do this without your having to come out of pocket at all. That way, you can worry about seeking treatment and getting better.

Get a personal injury attorney ASAP.

Passenger injured in a car accident

Personal Injury Question – Passenger Injured in Car Accident

I was injured as a passenger in a car accident. I went to the hospital with damage to my muscles and ligaments in my lower back. It’s has been about a week since i was released from the hospital, and I’m still feeling pain in my back, and on my right side.

I have episodes where my my right arm starts trembling uncontrollably, plus a shark throbbing in my leg. I need advice. The other driver that hit us, according to the police report is at fault. Help!

Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are a passenger involved in a car accident, your rights are also protected under New York no-fault law. As A New York Personal Injury Lawyer: 1-8.00-535-5029

Personal Injury Answer – Passenger Injured in Car Accident

If you were a passenger injured as a result of the other driver’s negligence, you have a right to file a claim against his or her insurance company for your damages (medical bills, lost damages, and compensation for the pain you’re experiencing).

You are definitely experiencing the traumatic after effects of the car accident as so many accidents victims so. It is highly recommended that you continue seeking treatment for your injuries with a pain management physician that specializes in  car accident injuries.

Pain shooting down your your leg and arm can an indication of damage to your disc between the vertebra in your back and neck. You absolutely must contact a car accident lawyer to discuss your case.There are plenty of good attorneys in the New York metropolitan area that will pick up your case on a contingency basis..

Bus driver making a turn, in red, strikes cyclist

A young women lies brain dead in a New York hospital, a life cut short due to an act of negligence.  After an investigation it has been determined the driver of the bus caused the crash by failing to yield to the cyclist.

The accident that occurred on October 8, seriously injured Anna Maria Moström, 29, who was riding her bike northbound on Roosevelt Island’s Main Street.

A 51-year-old man driving a Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation “red bus” going south turned left across her path to enter a turnaround beneath the Motorgate parking garage.

The drivers-side bumper struck the young women and she fell off her bike, according to police.

She was unresponsive when EMS arrived, and was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center.

It’s heart breaking reading her tweet posted 16 Jun 2011.

“Sometimes I just want to go back to Sweden and settle down. Have babies, a house etc. But No. What If. Do If first then settle.”

Swedish Model Anna Maria Mostrom Brain Dead Following Bike Accident.

Swedish Model Anna Maria Mostrom Brain Dead Following Bike Accident.

Even though Moström has undergone surgeries doctors do no think that she will regain consciousness.

The crash, has left her family devastated with the heart-breaking realization that the must consider end-of life preparations.

The bus driver according to NYPD was at fault for not yielding to the cyclist. Although there is a new failure to yield law (Section 19-190), to penalize drivers in exactly this type of crash, no charges have been filed against the driver as of yet.

New York car accident lawyer Paul Ajlouny reacts to this awful, and avoidable accident. “It’s obvious that there needs to be some changes in driver safety when it comes to driving SUV like vehicles, buses, and trucks on New York City streets.” Says Mr. Ajlouny,

“In reviewing recent pedestrian and cyclist accidents, history has shown fatalities due to larger SUV vehicles, commercial truck and city buses. The claim that “I didn’t even see her / him” is like a broken record. The failure to yield law is a start of course.  However, even with the law in place, as seen in this devastating bicycle accident, more needs to be done.”  Suggests Mr. Ajlouny.

NYPD: 16,059 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 178 Killed in Traffic in 2013

Citywide, at least 17 pedestrians were fatally struck by drivers in December: two pedestrians in Manhattan; three pedestrians in the Bronx; five pedestrians in Brooklyn; six pedestrians in Queens; and one pedestrian in Staten Island. Among the victims were Gloria Mabry, Yunior Rodriguez, Siu Anthony Lee, Noshat Nahian, Marion Kurshuk, Enrique Clemente-Ovando, Vito Colella, Nicole Detweiler, and an unnamed male pedestrian in Brooklyn.

The numbers are staggering.  What will 2014 bring us New York.

The numbers are staggering. What will 2014 bring us New York?

After A Crash, See A Doctor

Opting out of seeing a doctor, going to the hospital following a car accident is a big mistake. If you are injured, the medical paper trail provided by the hospital, or physician, will be important in you personal injury claim.

Proof will make you injury claim solid otherwise you will not be able to seek compensation from the responsible negligent drivers insurance company.

How else will you show that your injuries were caused in the car accident? By not taking that ambulance ride, or seeing a doctor after your car accident, you risk being compensated  for your injuries. Don’t go it alone contact a reputable personal injury lawyer immediately after leaving the hospital.

Paul Ajlouny, a New York car accident lawyer, takes calls daily from car accident victims who did not go to the hospital after the accident. “Accident victims face regret for not seeing a physician immediately after an accident. Within a week, even two, the developed nagging back and neck pain.” according to Mr. Ajlouny.

“Don’t give insurance companies ammunition against you.  Say nothing, sign nothing, give no recorded statements.”

After An Accident Seek Immediate Medical Attention

What Happens If You’re Injured In A Car Accident And You Don’t See A Doctor?

Hit By Vehicle Survivors Talk

I was hit by a delivery truck making a turn while I was crossing the street with the light. I was just one of 10,859 pedestrians injured when they were struck by a car, truck, taxi or bus that year.

Mayor Bloomberg’s has been able to accomplish lowering down traffic fatalities in NYC by close to 30 percent. There were 286 traffic deaths in the city in 2013, compared with 701 in 1990.

The numbers indicate that pedestrian vehicular deaths are down. However, lives are still lost.

  • In January, a 9-year-old boy was fatally struck by a taxi while walking with his father, who also was hurt, in a crosswalk on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
  • On March 16, a 5-year-old boy was struck and killed by a car in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
  • On April 26, a 54-year-old man died crossing a street in Richmond Hill, Queens.
Continue reading the main story

Where Pedestrians and Bicyclists Are Injured, and Why

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s shoot to eliminate pedestrians’ deaths on New York City streets targeting harried drivers, fast-moving bikers and distracted walkers with his Vision Zero plan.

The lucky Ones:
  • Neil MacFarquhar was hit by a runaway bus on Fifth Avenue while riding his bike. Witnesses described his body bouncing off the bus “like a dummy.” He had been unconscious for 10 days and still had lingering physical effects from his injuries.
  • Ms. Fuhs, 47, was hit in crossing West End Avenue at 95th Street, also with the light. “The driver of a Prius turning left onto West End has said she was distracted and didn’t notice Ms. Fuhs and only stopped when she had heard a bump, “Driver inattention” was the most common cause of accidents according to a New York city study.  She never saw the car coming.
  • Andrew Kueneman, got off the bus in Montclair, N.J., after a day of work. He was supposed to have the right of way. But then, more than halfway across the street, he sensed a car coming at him. He jumped backward, but the driver swerved in the same direction, and the car struck him in the lower right leg first, vaulting him up onto the hood and windshield. He was carried about 15 or 20 feet farther until the car came to a stop and deposited him back onto the roadway.
  • Mick Sussman, 42, was hit in Brooklyn. He, too, had the light, though the police said he had been outside the crosswalk. Mr. Sussman also saw the car that hit him approaching. The car hit me with considerable, possibly deadly, force.

Car Accidents / Pedestrian Accidents / Bicycle Accidents

A car accident can change your life forever, if you one of the lucky ones that survive. Everyone is affected, you, your passengers, the other drivers involved in the accident, as well as family and friends. If the crash is not your fault and you are seriously injured, protect yourself by hiring a personal injury attorney that will be your front man when dealing with auto insurance companies, medical insurance claims while representing you in your personal injury lawsuit.

A car accident can take a physical and emotional toll on injured victims and their families. Paul Ajlouny, New York car accident lawyer, suggest that accident victims remain calm, seek immediate medical attention, make sure the police arrive at the scene, say nothing to the at fault drivers insurance company.  But, most importantly, hire expert personal injury attorney to defend your best interest and fight for just compensation for your pain and suffering.

Live in New York and need a personal injury lawyer?  Contact Ajlouny Injury Law for free advice 24 hours: 1-800-535-5029.

personal Injury Advice NYC

Injured In An accident? Get Advice From A New York Car Accident Lawyer!

Concrete slab falls on worker in NYC

A concrete slab fell onto a worker, killing him, at a construction site in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities. Witnesses describe the horrific site of seeing the worker’s hands and feet protruding from under the slab.

The incident happened at 326 West 37th Street in Midtown, where workers are excavating an old parking lot. A hotel is planned for the site.

According to plans filed with the city, the hotel is to rise 22 stories and have over 240 guest rooms. Construction at the site was partially shut down in August for a day because of safety violations.

An earlier complaint in May that the construction was causing dangerous vibrations in neighboring properties was dismissed after a city inspection.

FDNY and NYPD on scene of a deadly construction accident where a worker was crushed to death on West 37th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan in NYC.

Need an Experienced Concrete Slab Construction Accident Lawyer?

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Concrete Slab accident in New York State, contact Ajlouny Injury Law, New York construction accident lawyers, to understand your legal rights. According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics there are over 150,000 Construction injury / fatal accidents reported each year nationwide.

The Department of Buildings spokesman, said the city has “among the toughest construction regulations of any jurisdiction in the world,” and attributed the increase in accidents “to a rise in the number of workers who fell on construction sites” and incidents of construction material falling during construction operations.

Choose New York concrete slab accident attorneys at Ajlouny Injury Law to file your personal injury lawsuit.

Frat alcohol-related teen death

A Rutgers University student has died after attending a small gathering at a fraternity house.

The death of 19-year-old sophomore, Caitlyn Kovacs according to authorities may be alcohol-related.

They said Kovacs was at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house in New Brunswick when she appeared to be in distress around 3 a.m. Sunday. Some friends took her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Kovacs was a student in the university’s School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, majoring in animal sciences.

In a statement posted late Sunday morning, Rutgers President Robert Barchi called Kovacs death “a tragic loss to her family, her friends, and the entire Rutgers community.” He said counseling would be made available Sunday at two campus sites for those dealing with their grief.

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking, especially heavy drinking and frequent heavy drinking is associated with negative consequences.

Alcohol Poisoning Resulting In Death

New York Wrongful Death Attorneys in New York, Ajlouny Injury Law have represented surviving family members involving cases of alcohol poisoning. These effects can be acute and result from a single episode of alcohol-impaired functioning – unintentional injury or death.

There are some cases of alcohol poisoning where someones irresponsible negligent behavior contributed to the serve intoxication of the victim.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) In 2010, there were approximately 189,000 emergency rooms visits by persons under age 21 for injuries and other conditions linked to alcohol.

This unfortunate accident has cost a young teenage girl her life. If you have lost someone in a similar tragic alcohol poising death contact the New York wrongful death lawyers of Ajlouny Injury Law at 800-535-5029.

MTA accident raises pedestrian hits in NYC

A B62 bus driver struck a cyclist and pedestrian in South Williamsburg Tuesday night, Sept. 16th around 8:15 p.m. Lucky there were no fatalities; both victims were transported to Bellevue hospital in stable condition.

However, immediately after the bus crash, at Wythe Avenue near Division Street, a cyclist lay on the street blood-stained in front of the stopped bus that hit him.

Pedestrian deaths in New York City are still riding according to an analysis of NYPD reports, if things keep pace there could be over 200 such deaths by the end of the year. NYPD data shows there were 156 fatalities in 2013, an increase from 152 in 2012 and 142 in 2011.

pedestrian accident

B62 Bus Driver Strikes Cyclist & Pedestrian In Williamsburg

(Matthew McNulty)

Is Vision Zero in New York Working? What can be done to prevent such avoidable pedestrian accidents? Give us your thoughts New York. Suggestions include: holding drivers accountable with tougher punishments, create safe roads with lights and speed bumps and continuously building driver awareness.

B62 Bus Driver Strikes Cyclist & Pedestrian In Williamsburg

MTA hits bicyclist

According to New York personal Injury Attorney, Paul Ajlouny, there are a few factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents:

  • Ignoring crosswalks
  • Ignoring traffic controls and signals
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Driving under he influence
  • Distracted driving (testing, talking on phone, changing radio, putting on make-up..)
  • Passing another vehicle
  • Speed

New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 59,000 pedestrians were injured and 4,092 pedestrians were killed in road traffic accidents.

Pedestrians and Cyclist At Risk

Both bicyclists and pedestrians have no protection from distracted or speeding drivers. The elderly, and children, as seen with the latest pedestrian hits in New York are at risk where they receive traumatic injuries and sadly death.

New York Injury Attorney for Pedestrian Accident Victims

In the event that a pedestrian or a bicyclist is injured by a vehicle hiring a traffic accident attorney will ensure that they receive the proper compensation to cover the medical treatment for their injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of a motorist, contact a NYC personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Consultations are FREE.

According to Mean Streets Of New York The Pedestrian Death Toll Is 84.

  • 4:00 AM Van Wyck Expressway near JFK Airport. The victim was struck and killed while changing a tire on the side of the Van Wyck Expressway. He was hit from behind by a livery van, according to news reports.
  • 8:26 PM Rockaway Boulevard at Brookville Boulevard. The victim was loading a motorcycle onto a pickup truck on the side of Rockaway Boulevard, after the motorcycle had broken down, according to police. A Chevy van struck the back of the pickup truck and the people loading in the motorcycle. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • 6:01 AM Hutchinson River Parkway at Exit 3E. The victim was struck after she ran onto the northbound lane of the Hutchinson River Parkway, from a car parked on the service road. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • 10:01 PM Astoria Boulevard and 80 Street. Melania Ward was crossing Astoria Boulevard in the crosswalk when she was struck by a Q47 bus turning right from 80 Street. Ward was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

  • 10:27 AM Bedford Avenue and Gates Avenue. The victim, an unidentified man, was crossing Gates Avenue when he was struck by a sedan turning left onto Gates from Bedford Avenue. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

  • 4:53 AM Liberty Avenue and Tuckerton Street. The victim, an unidentified man, was crossing Liberty Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle headed west. The victim was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

  • 2:03 PM East 79th Street and Madison Avenue. The victim, an unidentified woman, was crossing 79th street when she was struck by a taxi turning left from Madison Avenue onto 79th. The woman was pinned under the taxi, and bystanders flipped the vehicle off the victim, according to news reports. She was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

  • 8:22 PM 509 Avenue P. The victim, an unidentified man, was crossing Avenue P when he was struck by an SUV headed east. The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

  • 2:52 AM Fresh Pond Road between 60 Drive and Elliott Avenue. Karoli Grzegorczyk was crossing Fresh Pond Road mid-block, when he was struck by a car traveling south, according to police. The car fled the scene. MORE

pedestrian Accidents in New York 49% of all deaths

Ambulance Chasers – unethical help you don’t need.

Not all personal injury attorneys are just trying to trick or take advantage of poor unsuspecting injured accident victims. You’ll be able to tell the difference.  If your in a traffic accident on the scene and suddenly a very helpful concerned individual offers you an attorneys business card.

Heads-up! — you’ve probably got an ambulance chaser / runner who picked up on a police scanner that an accident had just happened with it’s exact location.

The Insurance companies are just as unscrupulous as the ambulance chasers. The will try everything in their power to downplay an accident victims injuries or just hey refuse to pay. If someone is injured in an accident they need an honest personal injury attorney to fight on their behalf.

If you injured, YES,it would be in your best interest to get legal representation. But if their popping out at the accident scene or by your hospital bed, you’ve just met a real life lecherous, disgusting human being that want to profit off your pain and suffering.

Injured in A Car Accident? Beware Unscrupulous Ambulance Chasers

Beware of that stranger that shows by your hospital bed with an attorney referral. “runners” After a wreck, your phone or doorbell might ring right away.

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